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Very Bad Experience

A few days ago I completed an order and the buyer needs additional work but he does not interest to pay extra. That’s why I do not do his work. and I deliver my work as I mention my gig package. The buyer accepts my delivery as his last day and gives me a 1-star review and also i think he report my gig. The next day my gig does not appear in the search results. Realy it’s a very bad experience. I share this to know my beloved seller for do all as a buyer need otherwise you can face this problem. Fiver give the best priority on buyer

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You did not do what you promised to do so I don’t blame him for being upset:

★★★ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed ★★★

You need to remove that! I’m sorry it happened to you but when you say that, it means you basically do whatever you need to do to make him satisfied.

Why do you think that?


Thanks to share this. But how do you know buyer report your gig?

Your gig could have disappeared from search because of the 1 star review.

Why didn’t you mention that he wanted additional work at no extra cost in your response? You said that the communication was poor and that the buyer doesn’t understand how Facebook ads work instead.


I understand now.Thank you for your kind replay…

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Don’t be upset @rd_sajib before getting project through any client go to his profile and check reviews that client which is given by other seller you got perfect idea what is the mentality of that buyer moreover if order is placed then try to give your best to satisfy your customer.
Never ever lose hope just take this incident as a good experience for future.

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@designtrendy Thank you for replay.

Very unfortunate! Take it easy its may be happent! Just go forward. Also be careful about your gig description if you written 100% client satisfaction and money back gurranty I think sone of buyers want use this. By the way best of luck next time

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@misscrystal i just guess that someone reports my gig . Because only 1-star reason is not the main reason for the gig disappear.

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Always good to research! The downside is that reviews can be very biased. I take generic reviews with a grain of salt.


Or it might be for the reason I said and you not honoring that. Seriously take that out. Fiverr would make it hide due to that reason alone.