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Very bad sellers

I see Fiverr is bunch of all non professional peoples. They dont even understand your requirement. They just play round and round. 3rd graded Service. Will not be surprised if they block this post. Cause that their job. To keep it clean like Spy.

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I’m sorry that you have had a bad experience, but please do not lump all of us into that “bad sellers” category. Your experiences do NOT represent this entire site. There are hundreds of great sellers here on Fiverr. Please don’t offend the rest of us just because you had one bad experience.


I hope you do not include all the sellers especially new sellers like mebecause it hurts the buyer,can even lose trust on us.Thank you

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Sorry if some people feel bad. If u r proffessional keep yourself outside. I talked to many. They just play around things. One person told me it will be 750$ to make app and publish, when i said i cant pay that much , it came to 500, then 200. Whats this…feel like you can get cheated anytime.

Doing you a favour because they felt sorry for you? How unprofessional. :wink:


Lol, So you also charge 750 dollar for Webview app?. I told you. Random sellers. Cant trust their prices.

I don’t produce apps - I have no idea how much they’d cost, but as a buyer, you need to have an approximate idea of how much is reasonable before you start.

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if you are not interested in providing services. Why to play around with prices and requriments and waste our time. He told me it will be 50$ for adding just splash screen to app. If you want to add spash screen it would be 300$. else 250$… I dont understand that much technically. But i am not fool.

I’m a buyer just like you.

To be a successful buyer on Fiverr, or anywhere else, you need to have a rough idea of how much something’s going to cost before you start.

If I go out looking for a new car, I need to have an idea of how much it’s going to cost before I start looking, so I can filter out any sellers I deem to be over-charging. Fiverr’s just the same. :slightly_smiling_face:


How do u expect a normal person from commerce background know about pricing in IT field.

No, but I have a jolly good look on Google first, just like when I’m buying anything! :wink:

Added - Oh right - you’ve edited your post - I’ll leave you to it now as it makes it look as if I’m making your posts up. Good luck with your buying.


i agree with @jonbaas you can’t say from your bad experience with a bunch of seller. for this i have very bad experience buyers i worked with but i can’t say fiverr have a lots of bad buyers.


Even i got cheated with requirments months ago, When i wrote about it on forum. They blocked me all the way. Like i have done some crime. And seller got away with nothing.

That’s strange - your Fiverr account’s brand new this month… :thinking::wink:


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I do hope you haven’t got more than one Fiverr account. That’s breaking Fiver’s terms of service. :woman_facepalming:


Who cares with Terms and conditions. T & C are like. You r not criminal till you get caught.

Anyone who wants to keep their Fiverr account?

Shaking my head right now.

Be prepared to be surprised - I do only have one account.

Oh look - you’ve edited your post again!


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