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Very concerned, My account does not show up on google search or Fiverr search

Even if I search my exact username or keywords I can’t get my account to show up despite being one of the top rated accounts. Eg searching ‘stencil’ on fiver or ‘stencilanything’ does not show my account. I am losing potential customers because of this

If I type in “stencil” without pressing return it shows a dropdown list where one of the options is “search usernames containing stencil”. If I select that, 3 usernames are shown, the 1st of which is yours.


ok but other keywords don’t show it, and I can’t find it on google at all - have tried all sorts of different searches for it including the exact username + fiverr etc.

Typing stencilanything + fiverr into google search (google . com) shows your gigs and profile as the top 5 results when I try. It might not show every one of your gigs there.

Similar when I type the fiverr site URL / yourusername into google.

If you want to check that your gigs are in Fiverr’s search index you can do that by going to this page:

and then you get questions:
What can we help you with: Select: Gig (that might already be selected with the above link)
What is the issue with your gig: Select: My gig doesn’t appear in search:
Which gig are you trying to locate: then select the gig you want to check there

Then it will automatically tell you if it’s active in the search index etc.