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Very confused by the fees | insight needed!


I’m hoping someone with a good knowledge of Fiverr fees could help clarify the amount being paid.

I did a gig for a client in the US (im in Canada). (this was originally arranged outside of Fiverr, and we agreed to use Fiverr as an intimidate system) My original fee to the client (outside of Fiverr) was $250 USD. They agreed to cover the costs of Fiverr fees etc to ensure that I earned $250 USD for the final take home cost. They have said that they paid $262 USD in total.

They believe they paid everything correctly. However I came out with $200.

On the order complete page it says:

Order Completed. You earned $200.00
below that to the right is says C$340.16
below that it says Total $250.00

And the amount that hits my Paypal is 199.00 USD

So disregarding the PP fee … how is this getting me to $200 instead of $250?

The Buyer pays 5% and the seller pays 20% fees … (25% in total, taken from the original amount paid of 262 USD) which would take it down to around $184 … still doesnt make sense how it’s getting to $200.

Clarity please :slight_smile:


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Hi David,

It’s pretty simple actually. Fiverr took 20% commission from your $250 order and you earned $200.

If you previously agreed with the buyer that they will cover the cost of the fees, so that you can earn $250, you should have sent them a custom offer for $312 ( $312-20% = $250)


Buyer covers their own fees - you only lose 20% from what you agreed to earn from client.

Ok, so in this instance, my client (buyer) made the order themselves, they said in total they paid $262 USD So how did they come to that figure? are they only accounting for the cost + tax and buyer fee of 5%?

For clarity, the original cost was agreed outside of Fiverr, ie this was originally not a Fiverr client. By that i mean; they were a client i have outside of Fiverr and we agreed to do the payment side, through Fiverr. If that makes sense. So the original cost was $250 and they agreed to pay all fees; buyer and seller fees.


$250 service + (5% of 250) = $262.5 (Fiverr doesn’t charge cents, so they paid $262).

What you actually got:
$250 - (20% of 250) = $200
Minus $1 PayPal fee = $199

In order to get $250 (sans the $1 PayPal fee), you should’ve created an order for:
$250 + (20% of order value)


$250 + (20% of 312.15) = $312.15

… and with the service fee, they would’ve paid the grand total of:
$312.15 + (5% of $312.15) = $327.77

Of course Fiverr does not work with decimals, so some of these numbers would be rounded up.


I received a $7 tip from a recent buyer. $5.60 is what my earnings show. I also made a $6 custom offer, and my take from that was $4.80. My total revenues when I deposited $ into my bank was $174.40, So Fiverr does work with decimals. :wink:

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It does for internal percentage operations, but not when charging fees. E.g., you can’t create an order with decimals. A $312.15 order would be impossible to create, which would modify many of the numbers I crunched above.

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