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Very disappointed by the Fiverr platform/services

I am tired to try to promote my Gig, update profile settings (error: “Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit it” keep showing).
I’ve posted my first Gig ~3 days ago and still 0 impressions, 0 views.
I am an author on Envato marketplace for more than 4 years and i know that every newbie should have a small chance. How am i supposed to sell my gig ? Should i pay to promote a $4 service, or make use of social media ?
I don’t use Facebook or G+ and i’m not the only one. I created an Youtube channel to promote my gigs and an linkedin account. Also i’ve posted on fiverr forum but without success.

As a web developer i know very well how search function works on several successful marketplaces.
Search function on fiverr is [edited] !
Users just search for something, filter the results and scroll down to find what they looking for.
Those tabs should be displayed on the left as filters. There’s no problem if you display the top sellers in the first results, but please do not isolate new gigs posted by newbies.
Search results shouldn’t be sectioned. Simple as that.

This was the worst experience ever on a website that:

  • Charge high fees(authors and buyers);
  • Encourages authors to post as many gigs (we all know that if you are beginner and the search function is crap, you will not sell). But more gigs = more content indexed by search engines = happy fiverr;
  • doesn’t give a damn about functionality

How all the mess should be fixed ? Rewrite the search function, homepage and choose quality over quantity. Do not allow sellers to post multiple gigs on same category.
Instead of:

  • I will optimize your website title
  • I will optimize your website keywords
  • I will optimize your website description
    Post a single gig like:
  • I will optimize your website title and meta tags

Fiverr team, do you ever read the posts on this forum or Linkedin group? Do you see that many sellers are disappointed by your services ?

I’m also very diappointed fron fiverr no chance for beginners yet :frowning:

I see why you’re frustrated. I used to feel the same way, but I learned the game and figured out how to work within the system. For me that meant making all my turnaround times 1 day to get bumped up in the results, offering more than other sellers, and responding quickly to potential buyers. When I started to get overwhelmed, all I had to do was increase my turnaround times to slow the pace a bit.

Regarding gigs that seem redundant, I would blame the buyers before I would blame Fiverr. People don’t read gig descriptions, and they won’t even click if they don’t see what they want in the title. Those sellers have just figured out what people want to see, and the volume certainly doesn’t hurt from a marketing perspective.

It does take a while to get going. It took me months to breach level 1, but once I did it took off. If you hang in there it can pay off. Fiverr’s been around for several years now and we’re a little late to the party. Can’t blame Fiverr for supporting the people who supported them in the beginning; although, I’ve heard complaints from Top Sellers that Fiverr has been reprioritizing the sales and giving them to new sellers. I think everyone is feeling the pain of more sellers in the same space.

PS. If you haven’t discovered the Buyer Requests section, check it out.

"How am i supposed to sell my gig?"

You’re not, you’re supposed to be found and then your gig title, gig description, and portfolio samples should do the selling. See what your competition is doing and imitate them without stealing what they did word for word. Nobody likes that.

A newbie has to offer more than the competition to get noticed, but not too much or you’ll appear desperate. I would also recommend reading books about how to do Fiverr, I have, their gig suggestions didn’t work for me but other stuff did.

@w3ninja now a day i found this problem with fiverr zero impression and click. but i think fiverr not updating to new gig because same problem occur with new, gig i have made 2 gig and every gig have zero impression even i am ranking well in new category …

i am also here for that. but got the answer may be some problem with fiverr analytic it will fix soon.

Thank You

To be honest, i’m not that desperate to read books and spend months in order to sell $4 services.

What frustrates me is that here are a lot of talented authors, whose work cannot be found in search results. I don’t want to steal or post duplicate gigs just to attract more clicks, so before I decide to develop quality apps, I want to be found. If I spend 1 month to write quality software and Fiverr platform doesn’t improve, then is bad.

You are TRS, or at least lvl2 which is good and you don’t feel the pain but let’s take an example:

A friend who knows that I posted my first Gig on Fiverr, calls me and asks me how to search my Gig.

I tell him to follow the steps:

  • search for “create a beautiful contact form for your website” (this is the entire title… yeah… should appear a single result)
  • click on “New” tab (now you will see gigs about business cards, wordpress stuff, excel, import CSV into wordpress…etc)
  • scroll to the bottom and you will find my gig

    See what I mean ? The importance of keywords used in search, is minimal. There are more important factors that influence search results and disorients buyers, because they look for a beautiful contact form and Fiverr suggest them to buy whiteboard animations, eBook Cover design, iOS Apps, Christmas Intro Videos (lol)…etc.

    Do not get me wrong, i am not desperate to sell right now. I just want to see some real stats on the gig page, which will help me to improve tags, description, images… .

    A search function that WORKS and who will help everyone.

    Also a “New Gigs”(quality gigs) block on home page will boost everyone sales even if you are beginner or Top Rated Seller.

    Talented authors and quality content will lead to a cleaner platform and more educated buyers.

    This should be the goal.

Not everything I do shows up on the first page, or the first row, sometimes you have to click top rated seller to find me, and if there’s 100 or more guys like me, you’re not gonna find me, you’ll be ordering from someone else sooner than later.

Lastly, I disagree with you about not reading Fiverr books. Some people on Fiverr are making $90,000 a year, I’m not one of them, but I’d like to be one day, which is why I read those books from time to time.

Let’s do some math. All these orders are without gig extras.

1 Order A Day = $120 a month

5 Orders = $600/month

10 Orders = $1,200/month

20 Orders = $2,400

And if you’re smart about gig extras, you’ll find people paying you $10, $20, $25, $45, etc, so you’ll make more money doing less orders.

Fiverr is fantastic, but you got to take it seriously. You can never be late, and watch out for bad reviews. Do whatever it takes to avoid them, even if it means refunding the order so they can’t write a negative review.

Reply to @w3ninja:

w3ninja said: To be honest, i’m not that desperate to read books and spend months in order to sell $4 services.

Well, that’s how it works for most people. Unless you have something incredibly unique and awesome, it’s going to take some time for people to find you. Then when they find you, they have to take a risk on you because you’re new. It’s your job to show them you’re worth parting with $5.50.

I think it’s important to remember that brick and mortar businesses take time to get going too, and there’s a TON of risk to the owner. On Fiverr, you’re not risking anything but a little of your time.

I don’t make a ton of money on Fiverr, but it’s been the perfect thing to get through unemployment until I start school. I can spend as much or as little time as I want, and do whatever I want, which is a far cry from having a 9-5 job. I wish I’d found it a long time ago.

fiverr is great but very bad about this search, they choose gigs to place, leave all gigs and let people find what they want not 100 gigs only. When first joined had few sales in 1 day, after that 2 months 0 impressions 0 clicks nothing…

Lets be honest, should i drive traffic to the gig to make sales? If i can drive traffic i woudnt need to use fiverr and have my own site. Why is fiverr taking % if we drive traffic to gig + we sell our things and work. Give me some views,clicks for this % that you make not delete gig from search its nowhere whatever you type cant find none of the gigs. Im saying for myself but i know there is many people with this problem aswell


I hope I were a mod they were seller, try to decor a beautiful gigs then BOOOOM the gigs denied… without appealing or notify.


YOur gig is not live, that is why you have zero impressions. If we click on your user name it shows your profile but no live gigs.

Make sure you have properly published your gigs and made them go live.

i do not understand what you say? can take a photo to describe?

KILL OUR NEWBIE GIGS WITHOUT EXPLANATION [Although it had 2 order and 2 excellent rating] => http:/**************

That’s rule of Fiverr .

Submit 3 mail but they don’t care

We should move to a warm house

This house is very cold

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Fiverr doesn’t like those fake five star review gigs. Two of your gigs from your link promise that. Not so sure about the third one, but 90% off codes sound fishy anyway. The house ain’t cold, you just need to brush up on your TOS.

I was replying to the original poster up above. THey said they were getting zero impressions and no orders, but that is because if you click on their name, they have no gigs. So they must not have really made them all the way.

The original post is from January 17th (the year isn’t mentioned).

"A friend who knows that I posted my first Gig on Fiverr, calls me and asks me how to search my Gig.
I tell him to follow the steps:

  • search for “create a beautiful contact form for your website” (this is the entire title… yeah… should appear a single result)
  • click on “New” tab (now you will see gigs about business cards, wordpress stuff, excel, import CSV into wordpress…etc)
  • scroll to the bottom and you will find my gig"

Why didn’t you just send your gig’s URL?

I see that you offer fiverr reviews too!
You are lucky that your account is still working.

The people making 100k a year are selling fake gigs. For example SEO services, fake traffic, fake youtube likes, fake twitter followers and the list goes on and on. Being honest in business is best.

There’s an old saying, what goes around comes around. Those who commit fraud will encounter other problems in future. That’s the way it goes.