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Very disappointed in the request feature as a buyer!

I was very descriptive with what I wanted, how I wanted it used and even uploaded a template to use. I set my budget at 100 because I want quality work. I am not a cheapskate, I run a business and I want to treat the person who makes my logo like I want my customers to treat me.

So what do I get for having a high budget and being very descriptive?..A bunch of preselected auto responses from a hundred different people. The best part was most all of them were charging my entire budget of $100 but when I clicked on their profile they some offered the exact thing I was asking for at only $25-$50!!! So they see I have a high budget, jack up the prices and try to rip me off. My budget is not there for you to double your current rate, it is there to allow big AND small companies to give it a shot.

If this is what I can expect from this website I am thoroughly disappointed!


Unfortunately a lot of people who’s replying to buyers requests are people who’s struggling to get work or to be noticed. The truth is that people who provide quality service are already busy with work and don’t have time to spend on monitoring buyer requests and sending their bids. (Of course not always the truth but it’s very rare)
So I would advise you to look for sellers and read their profiles to find the right person instead of buyer requests

TO ALL NEW SELLERS that come here and complain why they sent 200 replies and didn’t get a single job from BR requests: this story is a really good example and answer on your questions, you are sending copy pasted answers basically saying “trust me, I can do this”, adding extra rate just hoping to get a job etc. This is a good example to learn on your mistakes and what you are doing wrong coming directly from a buyer.


Quote of the day.
I need to dip this in bronze…


I have a feeling this is a bit of an exaggeration. Usually, most buyer requests receive about 30-35 responses, as this seems to be the general limit of Fiverr’s system. I’ve used BR before (as a buyer), and never, over my five years here on Fiverr, has one of my project requests resulted in responses from “a hundred different people”.

Please don’t exaggerate to make your point. That doesn’t help your cause.

The BR section usually doesn’t have many serious sellers responding. Most of the sellers using the feature are brand new, rookie sellers, with very little understanding of how to do what they claim. Most of those sellers just want an order – any order – and they usually say anything to try and win one. In most cases, you’ll be able to spot the serious sellers a mile away. They are few and far between within BR, but they stand out like a sore thumb. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t see any of that level within the responses you actually received.

To be completely honest, you’ll usually find more professional sellers, who genuinely do want to help small businesses, within the Fiverr services catalog. You may have better luck hiring someone from there – from the regular listings (via the search function).


Uh no I had 108 offers. I don’t know where you get your numbers but you need to research before you try to call people out. Maybe if you have a budget of 5-10 you will have 30 offers. This is exactly why I put it at 100, I do not have time for this crap I want it done right and done quickly and am prepared to pay.

In fact, after I was disgusted with my first round I made a new one with a reworded criteria on people I will choose and even this one has nearly 100 offers.

Did you attach an image file to the request? It’s showing “so this is what I made” but it’s not showing an attachment in the screenshot, though I’m not sure if it would there.

@jonbaas is one of the most experienced sellers here. I have way less experience but I can confirm that all the buyers requests seem to cap at 32, sometimes 36 offers.
100 or more is unusual: you can see them when the system hangs and keeps publishing the request.

In my opinion the buyer request feature is a broken tool, and not the tool for you. You can find your seller searching it directly.
You can filter the sellers by level, language, budget.
It takes time, anyway. But I think it’s better.


Yes sir, can be seen here;

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Many buyers don’t seem to understand this.

There are some others who don’t want to put in any effort/put in the least effort in finding an excellent seller who’s the best fit for their project. They just want to put in the least effort possible and get it done with.

They just expect to fill out a form (BR) and receive responses from excellent sellers who, probably, already have their hands full working on several projects and don’t even bother checking the buyer requests section. I could be wrong, but the following post makes me think the OP is one such buyer, too:

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing inherently wrong in having such expectations from BRs. However, it is a hit or miss. If you’re lucky enough, you might come across a seller (via BRs) who is the perfect fit for your project.

But if BRs are not working out, it is probably time you changed your strategy, don’t you think? If you don’t want to take any chances, you need to put in the effort to contact individual sellers and check their gigs/reviews to be sure that they’re the perfect fit for your project.


I have literally provided 2 screenshots showing 90 offers. Please stop trying to say I am lying or exaggerating. I do not care if he is Leonardo da Vinci, accusations against me need to stop especially after I have provided proof.

I am not accusating anyone. I am just stating that is unusual.


Outside of Fiverr, a good logo can easily cost $500+, and many capable designers would be immediately put off by the expected delivery within a day. A good logo takes time to design.

You’re right about the request feature not being good. It was added as an afterthought; the idea of Fiverr was for buyers to browse through available gigs and pick the one they like best, instead of being yet another bidding platform. I doubt that they bother much with that feature, or that they’re going to improve it considerably.


Well when someone has already accused me and then you start talking in his behalf it automatically puts you in the prosecutors chair. So I apologize if that was not your intentions but you have to at least understand the reasons for my defensive stance.

That may be the case, I do not know. I have already admitted to not knowing anything about this. But what I do know after browsing for an hour or so before I submitted the request is looking at any of the high quality work usually ended up costing around $50-$100 with a $5-$20 increase for 1 day work so that is why I came up with the $100 limit. If that is not a fair wage for what I want then why is everybody asking for it? Again, all I did was base my budget on current prices I see here. No harm intended.

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I don’t see accusations anywhere and I didn’t talk for someone else.
I gave my point of view, and added my suggestion. My two eurocents.


After he said;

If you do not see the connection of an accusatory tone then you should probably reevaluate this conversation.

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I just think that we have a different way to see things (not a big deal).

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If two people are talking about about a right and wrong and a third party comes in and picks a side and starts defending it, you are inherently calling the other side wrong. Is english your native language?

Have you checked whether that quality work was copied from the Internet?

If it wasn’t, it might be a good idea to contact designers whose work you liked directly, instead of using the request feature.

Not everybody. If you check the sellers in the Pro program (verified by Fiverr, have a history of working with big brands), you’ll see that they charge considerably more than that.

Outside of the Pro program, there are 10234 logo design gigs with the minimum price of $100.