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Very disappointed in the request feature as a buyer!


What does this have to do with the discussion? :thinking:

English is my native language, and I have found that many a seller here who do not have English as their native language can speak English as well as myself or in some cases better, and I am an English teacher! :wink:

I think it was rude of you to ask this question! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I use BR and I have never seen more than 35 offers on any request, so your situation is quite unusual. There was even a post made by a Fiverr team member posted on the forum saying that the system allows 10 offers each from each level of Fiverr seller. With the levels being 0, 1, 2, & TRS. Therefore, 40 should be the top amount of offers a buyer receives. So as @pacquo said your situation is unusual and maybe it is a bug. :bug: in the Fiverr system. It would not be the first time! :zipper_mouth_face:


No I havent, they seemed to be mostly level 2 people and had a queue size of 10 or more. These are the people that Fiverr suggested for me and I went through probably 10 pages worth of them. If there is some underground area with more expensive artists then fiverr definitely doesn’t help you find them. That isn’t the buyers fault. So of the 10 pages and proably 200-300 people I saw the quality high end prices for a logo with vector and source was around 50-100. Are there more expensive ones? Yes, apparently. Did I see any of them on my search? No. Maybe fiverr should showcase them more. Again I do not think I should be faulted on this, I tried to make it as fair of a price as I could on the research I did. I figured artists would be pleased because I’m sure they are tired of dealing with cheapskates that want to pay 5 for great work.

So, as seriously as I can say, I meant no harm and I really value proper customer - business (artist in this case) relationships because I absolutely loathe when customers do that crap to me.


Oh, I believe you, I’m just saying that a great logo can cost a lot more, and that the buyer requests feature isn’t all that good, especially when it comes to overcrowded categories like logo design, with a lot of desperate sellers looking to get sales (and also blindly following the advice that’s given way too often, to send 10 offers every day).


There is a way to filter out sellers by price, on the left side of the page of logo sellers. When you said you want the little circle on the left of the logo I assume it’s something in your design you came up with. I wish I could see that.


I agree with the others who said that buyer’s request is not the place you should be looking.


I have not attacked you wrongly in any way. I have stated what I know, and what I have experienced personally – and heard from other sellers in regards to their experiences as well – over the years. There is no reason for you to play a victim here. There is no reason to be hostile towards anyone in this topic.


My opinion is you are more likely to get what you want without problems with a top rated seller or level two seller. You can also filter for these levels, as well as the preferred language:


When you contact them, don’t mention your budget. Let them tell you what they will charge.


I’d see Buyer Requests as the weakest part of Fiverr. From a buying perspective it is generally a horrible experience like the OP says above. Loads of template answers, sometimes clearly from someone with multiple accounts (I once got two groups of 6 offers which were clearly all from the same person). A big budget (more than $20 is considered big by many sellers) attracts complete no-hopers to send offers as they have nothing to lose and can then outsource it to someone cheaper if they need to. I once saw a $500 budget request with over 300 offers. Even though $500 seems a lot, it was nowhere near enough for what was being asked. Also, imagine how desperate someone needs to be to see 200+ offers on a request and think sending one more would be a good idea :smiley:

Any buyer should see Buyer Requests as the absolute last resort, for something they cannot find a seller who does what they want - ie. an unusual gig. With logo design there’s about 20,000 gigs in search that you can browse and narrow down with the filters.

In this situation, @dmoney405, it sounds like you browsed and checked prices, why not browse and check sellers that seem interesting, have good reviews, who have portfolios showing completed work etc. That would seem easier than wading through 100 offers from desperate sellers.

Remember: Busy sellers are often the best sellers, they don’t go sending offers to requests as the experience of Buyer Requests for sellers is equally as rubbish with many buyers expecting the world for nothing just because they can set a rubbish budget.


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Wowzers! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I’m glad to hear that you took our advice at the end. However there is no need to be aggressive and rude towards forum users as it’s against forum guidelines
(If you have a different point of view you can always express it in a different way without harsh language)


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