Very disappointed with Fiverr Support! :(



I fixed buyer’s website as required. (100% green).

and after few days when i saw job is completed he left with adding negative feedback!

Buyer misunderstood me and gave reason that i put my link in his website, i am stealing etc. etc.

He didn’t ask me anything and left with negative feedback which is not acceptable because i worked hard for his website and he got himself cleaned errors free website!

I contacted support they advised me to contact the buyer and ask his permission to change that feedback.

I contacted the Buyer and explain him that

"That link was not for SEO backlinks. I had no idea you would find it as stealing etc, I added my name and link in source code just because to have some proof that it is validated by me (for W3C validation services portfolio purpose only)"

That link was hard coded was not visible to anyone was just viewable in source code.

other day buyer replied and said “No way, don’t lie to me. i will not remove feedback”.

i explained him more, more and more. and he didn’t reply at all.

Then i contacted support to update them about my conversation with buyer. and they said: "Please wait for the buyer to respond."

i contacted support after few days they said please wait for the buyer we cannot do anything.

its been 8-10 days, buyer is not replying and that feedback is effecting my new orders.

surprisingly now Support is not replying me either…

They even said its Buyer’s right to leave feedback we cannot do anything.

so its mean there is no guarantee for Seller’s gig rating. Even buyer is wrong but “Fiverr Support” will still care for buyer’s permission.

Now the important (part which forced me to write this here)

when i send any message to support they mark my request as “replied” or “Read” without even leaving any reply.

I don’t know know what to do maybe someone here will listen to me :frowning:



I don’t know what code you used for validation so cannot comment on that but… I would modify your gig description so it is clear in there that validation is required by file upload or a an entry on the site. I think you need to communicate this clearly when the buyer places an order. I am curious as to what code you used that made the buyer think you were getting a backlink when validation normally links back to the buyers site with some simple code. You should have also had made this clear in your feedback, politely, what the code was and not just said thank you, so other buyers can understand what has happened. All I can suggest now is you modify your gig description so that when people read it and refer to that feedback they will understand what has happened.


Actually when gig was completed i added my feedback and i was positive because i was not expecting anything wrong, just delivered the job correctly.

and Buyer added his feedback few days later. that’s why my feedback just days “Thanks”.


And right, i will explain that in description as well. but I am more concerned about ratings, because i always delivered high quality work some times faster in minutes.

Just don’t want to let buyer’s misconception affect my GIG ratings.

Since buyer has disappeared, That’s why i am asking support to remove that feedback.


unfortunately if there are outstanding issues between you and support for whatever reasons the only thing you can do at this time is to update your gig description. You also need to resolve what made the buyer think you were getting a backlink and make this clear in your gig description.


ok, thank you markp for this suggestion! :slight_smile:


Volunteer to remove the backlink for this customer?

And like mark said, put it in the description for future buyers.


Fiverr support is very good. Maybe they are just overloaded with too many requests… :frowning:

Tu Michael


Reply to @caiterz: Buyer has already removed it… If buyer could have asked me to remove it i would have done that… He just didn’t tell me anything and though i am hiding that link from him.

yes, going to edit the description soon, Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @tumichael: I agree they are best they even reply fast! but in my case i would say they used to reply fast :frowning:


Any staff guy there?


The forums are not a replacement for nor an alternative to customer service.


Well, since Support is not replying so i couldn’t find any other place.


And, you still haven’t found a place.

You won’t get a reply that has any authority here.


okay no problem, Thank you!

But i am trying…


One thing you should consider is that maybe they’re not replying because you broke the Fiverr terms of use. You included your name/contact information on the buyers code so he could contact you. That is a big no-no.


No i don’t think so, they are not even saying anything! if i am wrong or not… they are just ignoring me…

all they said "We cannot do anything without buyer’s permission. ask buyer."

and i have explained them well that’s buyer’s misconception he is disappeared now. but they are not replying…

Regarding providing contact info:

I didn’t mention anything in message for buyer or asked him to contact me etc. etc.

that was just my name and website like. “W3C Validation by OTallu” etc. (hidden)


As a web developer myself, it’s always good practice that you tell the client you are going to be placing links or anything else of that matter that identifies you personally, they may not want to broadcast to the word that they paid some guys $5 to fix there site. It’s clear here that there is a breech of Fiverr’s TOS and I would go ahead and re-read them to keep you in the right side of the Fiverr Law.


@otallu doing this “that was just my name and website like. “W3C Validation by OTallu” etc” that is a big no-no if you put your website in there.

If you hyperlinked any of that as anchor text back to your site then that is a backlink anyway you look at it, if you linked back to your site it doesn’t matter if you hid it or not. Did you link back to your own site? If yes, that is very naughty. The only thing that should have gone in there is a piece of verification code if required for the W3C validation.


Yep that could do it, putting your name out is against the rules so they are aware of this and that is why they stoped answering you :frowning: