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VERY Disappointed with my Fiverr experience

I used 2 Fiverr vendors to add followers to my Pinterest site.
I’ve lost over 50 followers in less than 2 weeks that were added by the first vendor.
50% of the followers added by the second vendor had no pins and over 60% of the names were made by hitting random letters on the keyboard.
Both of these sellers promised LEGITIMATE FOLLOWERS!
I guess it’s true: you get what you pay for.

Yes you get what you pay for, which in this case is artificial followers who act like artificial followers.

It is not making sense to expect anyone to sell “legitimate” followers.

I just wrote about this and it’s just above your post … check it out and don’t complain for loosing some … you just got so many followers as your vendor promised you … and do you know how much time you would spend to get this number of followers … even if they’re virtual … they’re gonna help you to attract real followers when they see a big number of ppl are following you … LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF IT