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Very disappointed


I have used a few designers to make a very simple logo. I have to say they have no creativity and do not folow the instruction they are given. After filling out a 9 question requirement. I got back something i never asked for. One seller has not given anything. No files and does not reply. After reading his neg feed back he has done this to other ppl

Fiverr team then made is COMPLETE and im got nothing. Now they seller is on the home free because its complete. I blame fiverr for butting into my business. I was in contact with the seller but unaware of this rule as im new to this. But now im out $160 bucks because of this rule and my credits i have are stuck on this platform. SO what do i do with credits that i probably will be taken for again

Very sad rules and disappointed. I work real hard for my money. You should protect your customers too !!

So im taken a loss and not able to put my money back in the bank !!


Hi, I can’t really understand the situation but if seller sent you empty delivery with no files why didn’t you requested revision and waited for 3 days for the order automatically mark itself?

Anyway, sending empty delivery is violation of terms and conditions and if you will write and email to support they will refund your order.


Which would signal perhaps this wasn’t the best seller to purchase from?

Your order would only be marked as complete if 3 days had passed from the delivery and revisions hadn’t been asked for.

Here’s the buyer help centre:
Lots of info for you before you start buying.

Here are the ToS, again useful to know:

If you’ve had credits, I can only assume you’ve had a refund which is good! If you ask CS nicely they might be able to return your money to the funding source. :slightly_smiling_face: