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Very Disappointing from Buyer


Dear Senior Members and Sellers,

I have a bad experience with one of my buyer. She place a custom order for HTML Signature and send me the jpg file to convert it to live html. I completed her request and send her the preview she need some changes. I fix here signature make the changes each and everything and send her a preview. She didn’t reply nor giving any feedback. My order time was ticking but no reply.I delivered her the updated signature and waiting for her feedback and ask her again and again if she needs any modification but no reply. She didn’t reply and the order completed automatically in 3 days and now after 2 days of completion she posted a fully negative review on my profile and totally destroyed my ratings.

Please help what should i do? I don’t know where is my fault?

With Regards

Raheel Javed


Reply to @raheeljaved: No worries, man. It will happen from time to time. My orders were cancelled 3 times, when I’ve already completed them. People can say that they didn’t make any orders or can say that they don’t like your work etc. Go ahead and continue to satisfy the main pool of your clients. Good luck!


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for your reply and support. I already submit a support ticket and also send message to the client. let see what happens. Yes i have proof and have all the messages but i think fiverr should also keep check on the response time of buyer to protect sellers from this type of situation.

thanks once again…


If your messages show proof that you tried to reach the buyer repeatedly before auto-completion then Fiverr Customer Support might help. They will encourage you to resolve it with the buyer as much as you can. If you can still reach her I would do so through both the order page and inbox messages and explain that Fiverr marked the order complete, not you. Offer again to fix whatever she needs and see if she will work with you.

CS is more likely to help if you show every sign of attempting to work with the buyer. From her feedback she doesn’t seem to understand that the order completed automatically. Feedback through the rating system is really difficult which is unfortunate.


Yeah, that’s rough. I’m new to Fiverr and haven’t had this experience, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen one of these days. I’m reading stories like yours, advice from other commenters, and doing my best to prepare for it.


One way to get some value out of a negative review is to leave a review comment like “Sorry you didn’t like my work. Please remember I’m always happy to make revisions.” That way when new visitors see the customer’s unhappy comment, they also see your offer to make it right. This can work in your favor to entice future customers.


Reply to @fastadking: Thanks for your tip i appreciate that and also like that and will be using the tip next time. But i think there should be a check on buyer response time. what do you think as you are senior and have more experience…


Two questions: how do we start new threads? There is nothing showing this. Second, why does Fiverr steal money? If a transaction is wrong, instead of returning the money to the buyer’s bank account, Fiverr puts it in the buyers Fiverr account. This is called theft.


I encounter that type of buyers each day :slight_smile: You can’t do much about it.


Reply to @valdezmail1: There is a big grey button on forum pages that is marked clearly with "Start New Discussion."

When you join Fiverr you agree to the Terms of Service which tells you that refunds are only given as Fiverr credit. If you disagree you should not sign up. This is entirely legal and up front so you are wrong, it is not theft. You are welcome to leave Fiverr if you changed your mind about what you agreed to.


Had the same experience today is very sad how people do not appreciate your had work


Reply to @websiteexpect: Yes that’s true. I think fiverr should keep check and if the buyer didn’t respond to the delivery within 3 days he/she shouldn’t have any option to review after that.


I just had my first customer saying that he didn’t like the gig and I spent additional time and effort. I delivered in less then one day, had to give custom video slides to match his script, added additional video backgrounds and upgraded to HD for free, His comment was that the video looked rushed. I told him that I would make changes. I have heard nothing back. How do we protect our services and get paid for services that we provided/


Reply to @raheeljaved: If you file for a mutual cancellation, and the buyer agrees, your negative feedback should go away. It depends on what is most valuable to you… the money or the rating :slight_smile:


Obviously from her reply, there are a lot of things she didn’t understand… Just ask yourself the right questions and go back to her :

  1. I am very disappointed and don’t want to be charged.

    Would you agree to give her back the money in exchange of her changing the rating?
  2. This does not look like what I originally sent.

    Is it true? Did you deliver exactly what you say you would?
  3. The print runs together and the font is not the same as my original signature

    Again, is it true? If yes and that’s normal from your point of view, explain
  4. He decided to complete the order before we resolved the issues

    Explain her how you tried to contact her.

    I almost had the same problem with a buyer, I didn’t understand her request and she went on me like a storm saying how disappointed she was, that she wanted her money back, and was about to “report me” on Fiverr team. I apologized immediately and made my best to deliver something really outstanding. She ended up being super happy, and put an excellent comment.

    Also it’s hard when we are sellers to understand the buyers point of view because we need/want money, there’s a real effort to do on this point. People don’t always know what they are ordering (they mistook with something else, they expected more, they didn’t understand the description and/or skills needed…), they, like us, want to “earn something” from your service, they don’t want to “spend money” but INVEST in something.

    And not to forget : buyers coming on Fiverr do not have nor the money, nor the buyer experience to go anywhere else ! If they end up on Fiverr, it means or they do not want to spend a lot of money, OR they really don’t know where to look to get these. In any of those cases, the deal is tight ().

    There are a lot of other places online to sell specialized skills and I’ve looked into it. My point of view is that I love these constraints ! First, I’m happy to sell specialized skills to people who would have never had this is I would be selling it cheap. Second, it’s good to make amazing things for buyers who do not really know about those skills and would have never dream to have this otherwise. I always pay attention to explain my work and what is possible or not (and WHY!!). People not only buy a product, but also some knowledge about what they bought. And that’s great.

    At the contrary, with big sales (I had my own company for years), you end up with crazy modifications in no time, buyers who spend a lot of money and just use you as a tool, and when they don’t wanna pay, you do not loose 20$ but 2000$ and all you efforts go to waste.

    ) I think, but you TRS may have another opinion, that specialized buyers are uncommon. Those who really know how much it would cost if asking to a big company, and want to really save a lot of money by buying your gig…

    WooP… long post u_u’


Reply to @minkymina: The problem was she didn’t reply to my messages nor even check the updated files & delivery. The order was automatically marked complete by the fiverr because of no reply. She was completely satisfied and the feedback was looking great when i sent her the preview. But i think she was facing problem in using it in her email client.

You wrote a long post thanks for that also there are many key points in your post.


Reply to @marvinwebdesign: The only suggestion I can give is to have very clear policies in your gig descriptions. State your revision policy, communication policy, etc. Sadly, there are some times where you will put in the work hours and still be forced to cancel, losing your earnings. It happens to all of us!


Reply to @vainpaper: thank you for your suggestion. It is really awful that Fiverr does not support the seller. If the had no sellers they would have no buyers. I have strict policies, however the buyer knows that they can cancel or write a bad review so you will have to do pretty much everything they ask. I am going to walk away from this order and cancel my account. Thanks again!