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Very dissapointed by a buyer who rated me negatively because of cancelling an order

what can one do when someone orders a gig before discussing the work and goes ahead to rate you negatively when you cancel the order?.

I am dissapointed by a buyer.

If someone doesn’t discuss it with you beforehand it’s up to you to either seek mutual cancellation until you have all the details sorted or to resolve as swiftly as possible. Your feedback seems to be that you’re very slow to respond to buyers so this will be a huge factor for you. If you have a smart phone, download the Fiverr application and allow it to send notifications so you are immediately aware when a buyer has contacted you, no matter where you are. It may help to also inform people of the time differences in early discussion so they will also understand that while they are awake you are asleep.

If an order is cancelled before the deadline the buyer can’t rate you, so if you also foresee that you won’t be able to deliver on time, cancel it before it’s due, not after.

On a side note, but forgive me for overstepping, you may want to edit your responses to the bad reviews if you can. Other than being overly emotional they contain a lot of spelling errors. For someone offering professional writing services it’s really important to maintain a professional tone at all times for the sake of prospective buyers.

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Always try to delivery before deadline to avoid the cancellation negative reviews.

If some reason you can’t then send me mutual cancellation with request to hold on for extra 48 hours.

A buyer can’t give a bad feedback if you don’t deliver yet.

If you can’t deliver as buyer’s requirement, you can request a manual cancellation.

Thank you glowindia inkpetal and nptmedia .

Hi lizwriter,

I just got through your gigs and the comments and really sorry to ask you a question, why not a thanks to kjblynx?