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VERY EXCITED! Selling Banner Ad Space on My 2 Social Networks


This is VERY exciting! When you think of “Social Networks” you think “Twitter” or “Facebook” right? Okay, well they aren’t paying anyone to be active members, I AM! This means that site traffic is going to explode the minute they are launched. I currently have at least 1,000 pending members waiting to join.

I am currently in the design process of 2 Revenue Sharing Social Network sites. One is a Blog Sharing site and the other is a Question & Answer site. Very important to note here… These are not just “websites”…

These are SITES where members create a profile, log in and do things on the site that earns them money. Revenue generated by member traffic. The projected number of members in one year should be roughly 20-25,000 members on each site.

In this photo you see a top banner ad, that is the space I am selling for the Blogging Network site.

March 1st my Question / Answer site will be launched and I already have nearly 1,000 members waiting to sign up.

Right now since the sites are not launched yet I am posting this as a feeler basically and if interested we can discuss more in email on Fiverr possible fair rates to advertise on a new site.

I am very negotiable.