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Very fair customer support received from fiverr

Yesterday I had a incident with one of my buyer, She asked me to do a job and sent me the order but Finally She doesn’t satisfied but She was ok to leave the funds with me because when she saying She isn’t satisfied the order has automatically marked as completed because of the 3 day automated system,

so I have contacted fiverr and said my problem within few hours they help me cancel the order and send money back to her,

She seems very satisfied with that and now She’s offering 100x cost projects for me.

:slight_smile: I have seen many people saying that fiverr cs is bad, but everytime I write to them they helped me.

thank you fiverr !

keep it cleen



… is this a typo or is she actually paying one hundred times your normal rate now?

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yep :slight_smile: she’s going to start a whole new project with me :slight_smile:

Well, before a year, there were many people who say customer support is bad. However, the last year it has definitely improved, as they helped me, you and I no longer see that kind of posts often.

yep :slight_smile: she’s going to start a whole new project with me :slight_smile:

I see…

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At 100x your normal rate? So like, $1,500+?

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actually they are too good now, very friendly and understandable.I can’t remember the time I saw those posts but I saw them and read those comments but I have never met a incident that like with fiverr cs

maybe more than that :wink: