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Very few amount of buyer request


I got only 3 or 4 job posts in my buyer request section… so i can’t use my ten chances…is it random or do i need to do something to increase the job posts???



I think the only thing that you can do to increase the amount of buyer requests you get shown (apart from refreshing the page(s) every so often and viewing the multiple pages where available) is to create gigs in more categories (or subcategories maybe?).


All the numbers are going down!
There’s no work!

#What is Fiverr up to?


In the meantime, the question will have to be -

What are we up to as sellers?

  1. They’re probably making it harder to add genuine buyer requests (by their automated function denying valid buyer requests depending on how they are worded.
  2. Probably less buyers are using Fiverr/Buyer Requests section for whatever reason.
  3. The amount of spam in Buyer Requests might be putting people off.


Yes, you are true!
But I still think there are a lot of other changes in Fiverr that they have done in the back end and which is ruining the Seller Experience even more - now moving from bad to worse!

#God knows what is Fiverr up to!! :smirk:


There are some sellers who offer prayers and various other spiritual gigs. Perhaps you can try them. Otherwise, keep on doing what you can and do your best not to worry about what you can’t fix. :slight_smile:


Same here but it happens some days and some days are good most of the time its sellers spamming


The only thing you can do right now is to scroll past the spam and respond to real buyer requests. No one can really make buyers post more requests. It is possible that Fiverr’s attempts to curtail spam are catching some “good” requests by accident. In the meantime, I do see real buyer requests here and there, so when I look at BR as a seller I focus on those. :slight_smile:


I noticed the same on the last period, but when I tried to make a new gig with a new service, I found great increase in the buyer requests,
So, it really depends on what is your gig about, your keywords, your used words in the gig description, even your uploaded photo or video.
Keep improving your gigs, think about a new value added to your gigs to make it different. and finally watch gigs of others and how they improve it.



So, it really depends on what is your gig about, your keywords, your used words in the gig description, even your uploaded photo or video.

Why would it depend on your keywords, gig description etc?. Surely it’s just showing all available buyer requests in the category/subcategory you have selected where you have a gig in that category/subcategory. I bet it’s not taking your gig keywords or gig description and or uploaded photo/video into account at all (perhaps that could be verified by 2 people who have a gig in a particular category/subcategory both taking a screenshot of buyer requests at the same time. In theory they should be the same (have the same buyer requests listed) - it taken at exactly the same time).


Hi uk100,I am just guessing what makes the buyer requests in the last month “for example: in translation category” is less than 50 requests “for all languages”. Most of them are spam requests and sellers trying to sell their gig in the wrong place.
I believe that there is kind of filtration. I experienced this somehow, When I do no changes, buyer requests were very low. Once there is changes in my gigs, buyer requests starts to show up. :slight_smile:

May be it sort of imagination, but it happened to me
Anyway, changing gigs really helps to get more sales at the end.

Thank you


Thanks everyone for your opinions :slight_smile:


I also had the same problem when I’m a New Seller. Try and try one day you can fly.:smile: