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Very few Buyer request

Hi there,

How are you all? Hope you are doing well. I have three gigs and completed already six orders. My all reviews are 5 star rating. But problem is that i don’t get more buyer request. At the beginning time i thought it is happening because of my new account but still same condition. How can i get more buyer request? Please suggest me.



Helpful info :point_down:t4:


Did you mean for that to be plural? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Sorry. No that is my writing mistake.

Some things that will help on buyer requests:

  • Check early in the morning. Be aware that that’s different in different time zones, so look for new buyer requests at whatever time “morning” in the continent where you want to get work.

  • Apply to lots of them. Don’t be afraid to apply even if their budget or requirements don’t exactly match what you’re offering. Some new buyers are fishing, unsure of what they want. Others are willing to flex a bit if a confident, capable seller approaches them.

  • Accept the fact that LOTS of other sellers are applying to the same requests. Think of it as lead generation; the more you can do, the more you’ll get from that fraction that do come back.

  • Steer clear of BRs where the request contains belligerent or threatening language. I saw one recently where the buyer basically state he’d report anyone who didn’t meet his proposed price point. You simply don’t want that kind of person as a client. It’s never worth what they pay you.

Hope that helps. Good luck, and best of success to you!


Hi thanks for the information. I will try my best to follow the instructions as i want to work more in this market for a long time. Again thanks for your valuable advice.