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Very frustrated because I can't post a request



I’m a buyer at present.

So far I’ve ordered a gig and should finalize by tonight.

I keep having my requests rejected by the automated system. It’s obvious it is an automated system because I get nothing but form letters stating the usual unhelpful things like “maybe not specific enough”, “maybe there was contact info”, etc.

I have edited and reedited my request over many days and reposted many times, and they keep getting rejected. I have to contact individual sellers which is slow and inefficient. As a result, work that I’d like to order (and pay for) isn’t getting to the sellers.

I don’t know what is wrong.


Well, it is quit obvious that something is wrong with buyer requests. Since Thursday, i have just seen 2 new buyer requests. You ought to contact CS and explain your issue there. This is only thing i find can help you in solving this problem.


OH, OK, whew. So it was not just me.

I’ve already contacted CS, but given that they don’t have a suitable category, I’ve submitted to the ‘wrong’ category.

Am pretty sure this will be rejected by the automated system in no time at all.


Also make sure you go through the process of elimination (with CS, as @moonstar161 mentioned).

Identify everything in the list and state why it’s not that (nicely) if you can already tell. This will avoid much unnecessary back and forth with CS. I’ve forgotten the whole list but if I had to guess, it’s not because it’s vague. As a Seller I can see ones that are 4 words, so unless it’s 3 words, it’s probably not that.

Just an FYI, by contact info they include web addresses and social media usernames (and if it’s automated, that also means anything that looks like them).

Edit: If it’s automated, it’s probably not a web address (just saw one in a successfully posted request).

Don’t forget to include your attempted request text in your message to CS.


Thanks artlife, but I think Moonstar is right. i’ve got like 2000 words, very specific, correct classifications, no contact info at all, no mention of geographic entities, and they still reject. I’ve got like 5 rejections of different texts.


Is it possible it’s too long? Fiverr’s not the best at accurate error messages. Maybe ask (and also try it) with a shorter length if you can.


If i’m not wrong, we can put the characters ( words ) upto 2500 of length. Right ?


Mine says 2500 characters max. Watch getting close though, because the counts are usually a little off. Sometimes a carriage return (enter key) can add at least a few too, depending on the field.

Edit: I’m testing and it doesn’t appear to count returns and spaces, but it will not let me reach 2500 - the field ends at 2457.
@cutiexy Then the length isn’t it either.
I agree with @taverr if you feel comfortable with that.
Sorry, was typing when the other replies came in.

Edit again: I was mistaken. It does count spaces, but it doesn’t update the count number at the corner for them (for anyone interested).


I’ve got like 5 versions. The latest rejection was maybe 500 characters.


@cutiexy, Can you post what you had written in the BR?
@artlifeoriginal @moonstar161, Length of the request is a not a case.

Most of the times your request should start with “I need”, “I want” etc otherwise it often gets rejected.


Or included somewhere in there. 28 out of the first 30 I see say some variation of need/needing, want/wanting, after, looking, etc. That explains some of the oddly-worded selling offers in the Buyer Requests (must be trying to get past the filter or person looking for that).


Very interesting!

I looked through my many rejected posts, and while there was a lot of ‘I have’, ‘I would like’, ‘we have’ and ‘we want’ and ‘we need’, there was not a single ‘I want’ or ‘I need’.

So in many thousands of words in describing what I want done, I didn’t use the most direct terms.

As a company it is of course perfectly right to use We. Normally it is also perfectly all right to be a bit indirect, because when requesting services from a service provider it is good to give him/her a bit of freedom to suggest what he can do for us to solve our problem. Not as if I have the most perfect vision on how to automate a project - if I did, I would be so knowledgeable about programming that I wouldn’t be looking for technical help.

A normal human would read my words and fully understand.

Obviously the fiverr ‘team’ isn’t a human being but a less-than-perfectly intuitive computer that is masquerading as a human.

Who wants to bet a fiver that is really owned, created and run by no more than 5 people who basically contract out most of the work to robots?


I’d take your bet since Fiverr definitely has multiple offices in the U.S. and elsewhere. The headquarters in Israel employs way more than 5 by itself.

The thing with buyer requests is that it’s an afterthought and intentionally not a primary focus. Since there are other freelancing sites where bidding is key, Fiverr chose to focus instead on one-button turnkey ordering.

I realize you prefer it via bidding and theories are pros and cons to just ordering. I’m just saying that buyer requests is deliberately low priority right now. Good luck.


Nah, not trying to go the bidding route. Every seller has different skills, so I won’t go for the cheapest. Just prefer to be the poster, because that way you net the sellers who are genuinely free and in need of a gig. Do a search, and lots of people’s ads pop up, but you don’t know who is actually free and needs work, so you contact a bunch of the wrong people.


You mostly get those who apply to everything, whether they can do the job or not (or whether they’ve bothered to read what you need or not).


I’ve found that there’s a big mix. Fortunately those who apply to everything are very easy to sieve out because they sound so incompetent.
“I will do x for you” with x misspelled.


I have just gone through your “Negative Review” rant and I have come across this.

I hope you realize what type of platform you are on right now.
Fiverr does not advertise their services as outwardly PROFESSIONAL. This is a place where even a 13 year old is permitted to sign up to do business of ANY kind.

You want ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONAL behavior from sellers, look elsewhere.

Since you seem like quite a picky person, you REALLY would need to invest your time & money to even START to find the RIGHT guy on this platform.

I honestly think, this platform may not even CATER to ALL your needs.


I’m hoping that was supposed to be humorous, @djgodknows .

I thought that you could buy anything on Fiverr! :grin: (as long as it’s not a ToS violation)