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Very good Fiverr!

Fiverr is a very essential marketplace. It have many different parts of job.

First, when i was new seller in fiverr, I had no order in my account.

then, Fiverr communication was promoted me. then i have got many order. buyers behavior is very attractive in Fiverr communication.

I mean, Fiverr communication job system is very helpful & very easy to our life.

I feel fortunate to working in this site. Thanks…


Just don’t make any videos saying “Death to…” :wink:


Yes, don’t accept orders from PDPm lol.

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I :heart: your gigs!

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How does it feel to be famous, like Jesus?

I am glad that you got your account back, by the way.


This isn’t funny guys.


My comment could be read as sarcastic as it could praising



Great story! Keep it up!

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Your gigs are hilarious! I think that’s the key to this thing. You have something totally, totally unique. If you have 8 million reviews, you can probably still get plenty of sales even if you are in a super crowded category. But for the rest of us, we need to figure out really creative and unique things to offer.

Great job!

Bob :slight_smile:


the funny thing is that I remember you from the beginning, I remember your fist gig and your friend with some really funny dance moves which are not in newer videos… I mean, they are still there but slightly different now. the big plus is that you have a choreography now, which makes you different from the others in that category. Sometimes I go to your page to check some of your videos, they makes me smile.

I like you, love your videos, I was thinking to buy it from you, I surely will one day and I’m really happy to see the number of orders on your page.

keep up a good work!

Drazen :slight_smile:

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I love you brother ! I am proud for you coz you is a Bangladeshi! Bangladesh also proud for you.You are doing great jobs! Great man!

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a new video that you have added on “I will paint your message on my body” is brilliant! :smiley:
you have no idea how loud I was laughing when I saw it

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Thank you very much. I am very happy! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Sir!

Brilliant Gigs… I love them!

I am definitely going to be ordering one as a birthday gift for my friends! Oh, the look on their faces when they see it posted to their timeline!

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Thank you very much Sir! I am very happy! :slight_smile:

You the boss sir.

20 characters magic in the air…

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Thank you very very much!