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Very Hard to maintain the cancelation requirements especially for ignorant buyers

I was a level 2 seller and now demoted to new seller now. I checked at my cancellations and found that all of them was due to buyers don’t read my gig description and had to cancel due to non relevant requirements.

Now I maintained the cancelations with the help of Almighty God and hoping for a promotion and BOOM a new ignorant seller comes, and sending me screenshots of their website errors and hoping that I will fix the error just looking at the screenshot.

My question to Fiverr and the community, is that really a good way to demote loyal sellers because of ignorant buyers?
I mean, why is this cancellation rate is for?

  1. Sometimes sellers can’t be able to do a job due to their personal problem or
  2. Buyer asks silly things that was not offered on the gig?

Fiverr please update things.


I’m so sorry to read about your situation and I actually agree that it’s hard to maintain as I’ve been in a similar case with you as during the first evaluation (got demoted to level 1) due to a series of mutual cancellations because of the failure of the buyer to read my gig description (a number of buyers just ordered something out of my gig description and some ordered stuff that was completed against ToS) yet my standing as a seller got affected when all I was trying to do was honest work…

I worked hard to go back to Level 2 and thankfully I gained it back… I have faith you’ll get back on track too! :slight_smile:


Good to know that you gained your level back. I am happy for you :slight_smile:
And I really think that Fiverr should do something for people like us.

This is really unsatisfying.

Frankly it takes the piss. The new level system would be fine if they just actually had anyone monitoring it rather than it being calculated by totally flawed algorithms that find multiple ways to punish sellers.

Having been demoted twice due to not knowing i had to report illegal or spam mail in order to not get pinged for response rates, I now my find my attempts to regain my levels being threatened by buyers KNOWINGLY trying to get more than they have paid for, and making ME cancel the order.

Online discussions suggest some buyers are deliberately trying to use the pressure of the new level system to bully sellers into delivering more than they pay for, and its a disgrace.

If only anyone from FIVERR ever read these threads.



On my recent order, I had to do work more than what I do on my gig just so that I can maintain my completion rate. Its like Fiverr has bound our hands for the buyers and has to do everything buyers says which is totally unfair.

I work as a freelancer just so that I can be my own boss and Fiverr’s new level system feels like they changed the concept of FREELANCER!

Its been more than a month now and it seems like FIVERR don’t care for us who works hard for both Fiverr and ourselves!