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Very Helpfull tip for buyers

Hi . i am a buyer and a seller . i buy much of project on fiverr and i am a level two seller i completed more then 50 orders . but i still face a issue … issue is the buyers not submit complete the information of your order thats why the seller did not deliver your order and buyer can’t get your work . its a problem of both buyer and seller . so remmember this when you place the order you must submit complete information regarding your order .This is a time saving of both . result of this the BUYER Get your work IN very LITTLE time . and the seller also deliver within time . thanks

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Ahm, I believe no order can start if a buyer doesn’t provide requirements… When I buy, I always get a notification that the seller cannot start working on my purchase unless I provide requirements. This, if requirements section is made mandatory from the seller, at least. I’m a seller too, I employ this tactic and no order begins before my clients submit all mandatory requirements. If there are still missing points I always offer a cancellation so that buyers are alerted sth is missing and most of the time, they get back promptly

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Set your ORDER requirements and then the buyer will HAVE to submit the required information for their order to get started

i already set it but buyers :frowning:

If you set it to mandatory, the buyer can’t start the order without putting in the requirements no matter what. A buyer that misunderstands that might message with confusion or frustration because they wonder why you aren’t working on the order.

The easiest way to help them with this is to send them screen shots showing what they need to do, especially if there are language barriers. It’s really up to the seller to make it clear for the most part. If that doesn’t work and they don’t submit requirements, you can just cancel the order with no penalty and they can try again if they wish.

I would suggest that you review what you ask for.
Look back over all of the buyers who submitted too little info. Take notes of what they gave and didn’t give you and then rewrite your requirements listing all of the potential info you will need. Just saying “Please submit the information for your order” is useless. Most buyers don’t know what it takes to carry out an order and so they don’t submit enough. The fault is yours, not theirs. You need to be specific and demand the information, not just expect them to know what to send.

Design_Blast599 - My question may sound strange, but I’m serious.

“How can I be/come a Buyer and a Seller with the same screen name?”

Well as a seller you could use what amount you’ve earned by selling gigs for buying gigs as well, hence using the same handle for both buying and selling purposes.

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I have experienced this thing. Buyers don’t provide complete info and even in requirement section. Problem is they don’t elaborate what they want to buy. But I have now found out a solution to it that first i send them a short sample that is it what I’m supposed to do? Then I start working on the project. It’s helpful but time consuming. It wastes time by 20%.


Before starting any work everybody should have provide much more information about the work. if so then it is easy to start to work then there will have good quality of work

hi, tpsylighthouse
Thank you for your valuable idea, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: would you mind clarifying, if you offer a cancellation and the buyer accept that, wouldn’t it hamper your id ranking/ reputation?