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Very High Risk Sellers

I first hired a local designer to build me a WP website. I paid him $1200.00 and the site didn’t function. I decided I would try to repair it using Fiverr sellers. Things were coming along until I posted a request lookin for some one to resize an image on my home page. Seller Imiarain answered the request and I explained it to him to resize the image and remove the text from the image. First he added a search bar to the page that I had paid some one to remove and he removed the image I wanted resized. I asked him to fix what he did and he completely destroyed the template my website was using. Now what was a functioning website is now completely useless.

Buyers need to see these stories of incompetent sellers existence before the damage is done and these sellers should have to pay to undo the damage. And negative feedback should be made in front and not hidden.

Exactly how does Fiverr deal with these sellers?

Buyers also need to backup their websites. Giving anyone the opportunity to cause irreparable damage to something you have spent over $1200 on is a bad idea. When that someone was chosen from a bunch of people you have no knowledge of and there is little accountability, well backing up your work should be the first thing you do.
Nothing in that guy’s profile says anything about an ability with Wordpress, why would you choose him???

I find it odd that you are demanding Fiverr “do something about these sellers” yet you yourself spent $1200 on someone to build a website that didn’t function! I think you need to be more careful about who you get to do your work.
I also notice that you didn’t leave a review which suggests that you cancelled the order and got your money back.
You can contact Fiverr customer service and make a complaint but you won’t get any more than you have already been refunded.

The seller contacted me and convinced me he can do the work. If I knew how to backup the website I would and I wouldn’t have to get some one to resize a picture. That’s the point behind Fiverr. You do not see our conversations on the arrangement and that leaves you very little to comment on. I requested a cancelation and the seller denied it. I had the website repaired and the very seller that destroyed the website claimed he fixed it. Where in my comments do you see me demanding Fiverr do anything? The question was what does Fiverr do!! Maybe reread the post and understand it first.

Again I tried to cancel the order and the seller refused, sending me request for payment saying he fixed. Not only incompetent but a liar

1200 $$$$ !!! thats a lot, there are many sellers who are creating fully fledged websites in maximum 350 $,

A quick google search or a look through your hosting company’s site would tell you how to backup your site.
I appreciate that he told you he could do it which is wrong of him but simply by checking his profile you could have seen that he does not offer any Wordpress related services. It is up to Buyers to do some kind of due diligence on sellers, particularly when it is with something of value that they could really make a mess of.
What does Fiverr do? Probably not much more than refund you. They are a platform, not an employer.
I suggest you send the review you will leave the seller if he insists on completing the order. As he is relatively new, that should be enough to make him see sense.
If the seller still denies a refund then go to the resolution center and get CS involved. If they don’t see your side then leave the review that you sent him.
Unfortunately, the most incompetent people will be the most competent liars - they have more experience than most.

“I paid him $1200.00”

Seriously? This is Fiverr, not Elance or Freelancer. A friend of mine used to have a web design firm, I paid him $500 for a 5-page website. This includes a graphic designer, logo, etc.

Was the seller a TRS? A level 1? Yes, there are bad people out there, that’s why you don’t give them $1,200 of work. Furthermore, the REFUND button exists for a reason.

there are sellers who can make an excellent website for less than 1/4th of what you spent, and fiverr always supports buyer, you can get a refund anytime if you are not satisfied with what seller has done , i can not understand how a buyer can have a hard time at fiverr which is the most buyer friendly site :slight_smile: