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Very Important Issue for SELLER! MUST READ

Some buyers put negative after getting the product. They don’t ask any revision or any refund. They just put negative. Even they don’t reply to the seller’s message where seller offers him revision or refund.

In this case, what should be the solution? I think Fiverr customer support should handle this issue and make a solution. My opinion is, fiverr customer support should give a timeline to buyers to reply. But if they don’t reply before that timeline and don’t remove their negative reviews, then fiverr customer support should remove the negative review.

I think it’s the only legal solution. Because fiverr customer support is the only place where the sellers can depend. But if they can’t help in this issue, then who will? Who will make solution of it???

I did exactly this as a buyer, yesterday I believe.

I contacted the seller (was for pre-made products, data in nature). Post sale products were broken (links to 2 of 4 files didn’t work). After that, reviewed the data and sketchy, may I say bad and old data (circa 2011 timestamp, but lots of data invalid as far back as 2007).

There were several exchanges with the seller about the missing files and such and basically I reached the end of that transaction road. Rather than wanting my $5 back, figure other buyers should be aware of that seller and the product being what it is.

Perhaps I did enough to satisfy your complaint. It wasn’t easy though with said buyer. I sent multiple messages and gave day or greater waiting on his replies.

Timelines should exist for buyers and sellers. Post transaction, there should be a complaint window and everyone should be timely.

design_market - The reason is, when you mark an order as ‘delivered’ straight away, it can be seen by the buyer to be arrogant, with an air of “this is my final work, enjoy”. Instead, you should message them back with a link or image of your draft, asking them what their changes might be. That way they don’t get a chance to rate you down. They will appreciate you offering a revision stage and even if it still sucks, may even rate you up out of courtesy.

Reply to @afterlight: But my delivery message is very flexible. “There is your design. Please check it and confirm me if you need any changes. And please leave a good review when the job is done”.

But is this case, I think some sellers on my category put that negative intentionally to destroy my ID in guise of buyers. So they will not remove it. But in this case, Fiverr customer support is not helping me though they can see I am still offering revision or refund from the beginning.