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Very important, please take a look

A user asked me to so some reviews and sign up for a site about pets. I completed it within an hour. They were very open to communicate before, but when I delivered, they didn’t confirm. I waited a day an that afternoon I sent a message. I did that till today, when they still haven’t confirmed or contacted. On my to do list it said the order tome or whatever was about to run out, and I thought that meant I would get paid, but all it did was start counting up instead of back. I have delivered exactly what they ordered, they have neglected to answer messages or the delivery for 3 days. What can I do?

Some Buyers are busy (or don’t care ) and never “confirm” receipt of delivery.

If you “delivered” the order (and it shows “delivered” in your Manage Sales) then it should auto-complete in 3 days and funds move to Pending Clearance.

And be aware, that the Buyer can still come back days, weeks and months later to leave feedback.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: It said it would end on the 29th, and I actually refreshed the page till it went from 20 min to 10 min etc… and when it hit zero, it started counting up sayin “10 min. ago” And I did not receive revenue yet. What can I do?

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