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Very importatnt Tips for new seller about Buyer request option


Hope you are doing well. Today i talking about Buyer request option. Hope this post will be very helpful for every new seller.

I saw many seller using Buyer request option for promote his gig and increase sale. below some examples,

Example 1:

I’m a graphic designer i have good skills in adobe photoshop any one who want to create a logo , banner , pumplets , background remove , psd templates then contact me.

Example 2:

I have latest version avada, and be theme. i want to sale for $5. if you need these theme please contact with me.

So i have a requested to you, please avoid this option as a seller. If you use this option multiple then your account will be disabled permanently. So i highly recommended to you, please leave it.

But you can use this option as a buyer such as, you have many works, you want to hire another person for your task. examples,

example : I need Cake Art WordPress theme anyone have so send me offer .

I have already attached a image as a Proof :


Thank you, I am sumaiya_c, i will do hard work here. i really like you post, if you have more work just contact with me in Fiverr.

Thank you


You’re a bit stupid, aren’t you?


So this person has multiple accounts apparently, one of which was suspended due to abusing the buyer’s request section in spite of multiple warnings. And now from her other account she is warning others about it and also requesting more work from yet another new account.


thats funny…


Yes, this is becoming amusing now. :slight_smile:
No wonder I don’t get as many orders. By the time the buyers who really need my services get to me they are skeptical.


@idostuff4u shall I run to the store and get a bucket of popcorn now? This is entertainment right here.


Thanks a lot for your caution notice.


You are most welcome…


Yet another account!


Sorry dear, i didn’t get you.


Half of newbies are getting banned because of posting in buyers request section they should stop doing that,


diting gigs after Receiving level one 4 NEW
Attention please expert seller, I have joined fiverr about 1 years ago. I gave three gigs. Now I am…razzaka


It’s very annoying when sellers offer their services in the buy request section.


Exactly right


Yeah. Very helpful topics. Thank you so much.


you are welcome :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


if i go to the buyer request section so i can see that type of request ,that you mentioned (example1)


great awareness for new sellers as i have also observed many of the sellers try to market their services using this option which voids fiverr terms of services.!



Good Advice.Yesterday Huge Amount Of Sellers use Buyer Request Option to Promote Gigs!:fearful: