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Very late and fiverr doesn't allow to extend the delivery time

I have a order that got very late since I was in hospital for one month. My client has agreed to extend the time and avoid late delivery. But fiverr resolution center doesn’t allow to extend the time now. Only modify or cancel. What should I do. Please help.

Fiverr is correct. Your order went late. You cannot extend late orders. You can either modify/complete it, or cancel it and refund the purchase price to the buyer.

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Hi thanks for the reply. I can complete it. but is there a way avoid late. even my client agreed to give enough time as I want due to the pandemic situation.

If the order has already gone late (because it wasn’t delivered on time), then, unfortuantely, the order remains in late status until delivered.

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Ok, What if I delivered late and client request revision ? Can I then request time and extend the time.

At this point there’s no way to avoid “late” - Fiverr won’t allow an order to be extended over a month. All orders can only take up to 30 days.

You have two options: the first is to agree with your buyer to cancel and then for them to order again, which will give you a hit to the “delivered on time” stat and the “completion” stat.

Alternatively, you can - if it’s still possible - do the work, deliver it … and take the one hit to your “delivered on time” stat.

Either way you’re going to take a hit.


i think they allow to delever

Actually you can ask for an extension if the order is late or very late.