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Very late CS WHAT I CAN DO


i earned 28$ and they are neither put in the net income nor in the pending clearance
i called the customer service many times and they are too late in solving that issue
what can i do ?


Contact them and confront them. Then let us know how your experience was.


It takes time until you will actually see it appear in your dashboard.


i do that many times and opened 2 tickets and every time they say that there technical team is working on that issue for more than 2 weeks


all funds b4 and after this fund are calculated in the net income and in the pending clearance exept those 28 and i donot know what i have to do


Can you share a screenshot with me?


yes just a moment and i will do that


thank you very much for your help


I see a $28 dollar order there.

Remove the screenshot and send me a message and I’ll try to see what the problem is :wink: