Very late message notifications


I only get sent an email or notification to my phone 20 hours after I get a message… Is there a fix for this or is it a common problem?


Yeah, it’s a common Problem. This is also happening to many other users including me. I am on ios, i think android version is perfect. Fiverr knows this issue… but don’t hope they will fix this problem soon because their are already working on fixing many bugs and issues in their website and on app.


Thanks for replying. I am on android so the problem exists on both platforms. I guess the only way to go around this is to check in on the site every few minutes…


Yes, i do the same thing. I visit website and app after every 30 minutes to check the new updates and notifications. If i leave the app running in background then i will get instant notifications.


The whole interface just isn’t quite slick enough yet. It needs some investment to get it up to the required standard. The website going down for hours at a tine seems to have stopped for now, so they can focus on the little bugs like this.