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Very late order

I have a very late order and I have a couple of questions before it gets possibly cancelled. When your order is very late does Customer Support automatically cancel the order? And if Customer Support does do that will you get a full refund as well?

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Are you a buyer or a seller?

When the order will go to a very late stage you will get an option to cancel the order if you are a buyer.
That will leave an automatic 1 star review and of course as the order is cancelled you will get your money credited to your fiverr account

I’m a buyer and a seller but I mostly am a buyer. So it would automatically be cancelled by CS though and leave a 1 star review as you said?


it won’t be automatically canceled. Go to the order page and you’ll see an option to cancel the order. If you don’t use that option, the order will remain opened for as long as seller delivers.

No. As I said :point_down:

And you can choose if to wait longer or to cancel the order.

To cancel the order it’s through resolution Center correct?

All good, just cancelled.