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Very little activity in april

I have seen a significant drop in orders and messages in my account. Anyone else


I hate this question! (Sorry :slight_smile:)

No matter who asks this question, no matter when it is asked, there will always be a string of people who will say “yes, me, my sales are down”. I have never seen a case where more than 10% of the respondents are positive about their sales!
This makes the question redundant in a way although it feels nice to know you are not the only one. However, what this does is gives people a “get out” or an excuse for why their sales are low and therefore they don’t need to do anything about it.

Think for a second - if you ask this question and EVERYBODY said things like “this is my best month ever”, “I cant keep up with orders” etc, what would you do? Would you believe that you then need to do something to change things?

What changes would you make? What promotion or marketing might you try out?

Now, based on the above, why is it ok to NOT DO those things simply because other people are not getting sales? They are likely in different niches, with different clients etc. Their situation should have no bearing on yours.


Usually it’s easier for people to feel like they are not alone in something bad, something about psychology of the masses.

It’s always harder to ask yourself the right questions and take action.

If everyone else is not selling, then it’s OK for you too?

Everyone needs to wait then, hang in there. Right? No action is needed. :slight_smile:


Have you checked to see if your gigs are still listed in the Fiverr search? Were you recently demoted? Have you recently had a negative review or had to cancel an order?

Usually, sales drop suddenly due to one or more of the above. If any of the above apply (aside from missing gigs) try increasing your prices. This usually tricks the Fiverr search into countering the effect of any bad review, late delivery, demotion etc, a bit like hanging a golden carrot in front of donkey.

Sadly, if your gigs have completely disappeared, this means that Fiverr hates you but hasn’t quite plucked up the courage to tell you yet.


In this case, it’s actually true sitewide. Even my sales are down significantly over the last week, oddly so actually. I’m blaming tax time but still much less than even less than normal.

I work hard on my gigs and on my marketing, and although usually, I’d have some advice, in this case, its a problem many are facing.


Eoin is right.

There will always be people on different sides of the spectrum who are doing well some months while others see a drop in performance.

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I am always dubious about claims of site-wide drops. The only time I have seen this being somewhat applicable was The Great Algorithm Debacle of 2017 but even then, the drops people saw were drops for them (not the site) because of ranking position changes, but their usual sales were likely picked up by others.

Now, there have been some recent (like last couple of days) site changes that might have affected some people, particularly higher volume sellers.

One is the introduction the Pro Tab on the menu bar which might attract some buyers. I note that after clicking on the Pro Tab, it shows Pro gigs first, even when you subsequently click another tab.
The other is the change in the number of reviews shown on gigs in search results - it used to show 1000+ but now shows 100+ meaning there is less of a difference between say, my gig which has 124 reviews and yours which has (eg) 10,001 reviews. We are both shown as having 100+.

These changes could theoretically be causing slow-downs for some sellers but the business they lose is likely to be being picked up by someone else. In this scenario, if the 100+ review thing is the issue, a possible change to make would be to say something about the number of reviews you have in a gig image which shows in search results.
This is the kind of thing I am talking about in terms of making changes rather than being reassured that sales for others are down too so it must be temporary. In addition, doing one’s own outside marketing is always likely to bring qualified leads to your gig who are not going to be affected by site changes.


Wow, those are some disturbing details :frowning:

I probably do more marketing of my gigs than most, I guarantee that.

The algorithm itself is inaccurate so I’ll just figure out other income options and market those instead of fiverr.


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Interestingly, I havent seen a drop off at all but I dont have any gigs with more than 1000 reviews. On the other hand, your main gigs and the OP’s main gig (and some other people who have mentioned slow-downs) have more than 1000 reviews.

One thing to always watch is if you have a drop-off in regular clients ordering. In that case, I would suggest it could be seasonal or something else. I would say that half of my clients are repeat/regular so that is obviously an advantage.

I would suggest that this might compound the issue unless you completely disregard Fiverr. I’m not claiming to KNOW what the algorithm takes into account, but if it is even half decent, it would take things like visitors coming to your gigs directly from elsewhere and sales derived from those.

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Since I went on vacation for the week of Easter, my sales have been higher than ever! :lying_face:

:joy: :rofl: But at least I am getting caught up on my :house: work. :wink:



If only there were incentives such as no commission on a first order placed by someone you bring from outside Fiverr and/or $30 free credit for new people to Fiverr to spend on gigs. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I think is time someone sounded the death knell on the “bring people to Fiverr to sell your gigs” chorus. The very idea is the worst thing a freelancer could do.

  • Why bring clients to Fiverr when And & Co or whatever it is bypasses the middleman?
  • Given the above, what sense is there marketing Fiverr when the more you do, the more Fiverr itself devalues you?
  • Marketing costs money. Who in their right mind spends money to have their freelance reputation publically flayed every month due to bug ridden and catastrophically unfair reviews?

Not picking a fight. The 100+ reviews news just tickled my Fiverr incredulity monkey. :slight_smile:


I agree - this would be fantastic for both Fiverr and sellers. I had high hopes for the Bring Your Own Business program but it seems to have been very select in who gets it and I am not one of them so I am not sure how useful it is. It seems almost obvious that this should be applied to anyone/everyone but so far, nothing :frowning:

There are plenty of good reasons aside from the hope/faith/delusion that it might help with algo positioning. For example, getting someone to buy on a site that you own is more difficult than simply getting people there. The social proof provided by reviews and Fiverr being an independent third party should not be underestimated when it comes to getting leads converted.

I agree with this even though I am likely a beneficiary of this as I dont have over 1000 reviews on any gig but I still think this is a bad idea for exactly the reason you stated.

I hate saying this as obviously it sounds less meaningful as I haven’t been demoted, but I think the effect and value of the evaluation system has been blown out of proportion. Sure, I get that it is annoying and I must admit that it irks me when I see open the app and the first thing I see is whether I measure up to some arbitrary standards or not. However, looking beyond that, I just cant see the effect being much.
For perspective, last month, I became the ONLY TRS offering translation in a number of language pairs meaning if you search for certain languages to English translation by a TRS, I am the only one that shows up. One would think that this would result in a large uptick in orders. It hasn’t. I am doing fine, consistent I guess, but the reason for that is because of regular clients and large projects - both of which were things I did well on at level 2 and level 1.

Contrary to what some think, I am not actually a Fiverr fan-boy. Some of the stuff they do (and dont do) drives me nuts. However, when I have complaints I do voice my concerns before moving on to looking for solutions and ways to exploit or benefit from the changes made. This does give an appearance of me being happy with changes when it is actually just my evolutionary instinct kicking in.

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@cyaxrex The tip about raising prices saved my sanity. One of my gigs has been mysteriously absent from search for several weeks. It was paused by the powers that be by mistake. Once I got it active again it was gone from search. I tried pausing it myself and making it active. I tried editing the description. I contacted CS, nothing worked. Today I ran across this topic and saw your comment. I figured it couldn’t hurt, especially since I wanted to up my price on that gig anyway. Low and behold, a few hours later the gig is back in search and rising back up near where it was a month ago before it vanished. Thank you so much for this tip.


I do have access to the Bring Your Own Business, but I do not utilize it for several reasons:

  1. I don’t like the idea of marketing a price point and have buyers get here and see they actually have to pay a markup if they are using a credit card (which they would have to because by definition they have to be new to Fiverr)
  2. The program still only gives me 80% after the order closes and makes me wait for a month to recoup the 20% commission
  3. The process and interface are kind of clunky

I may try it in the future. However, for now it is just too big of a pain to mess with. There isn’t enough carrot for me.

Yeah, that’s more or less what I have heard about it. Pity though, there is potential for that ide to be useful.

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Your welcome. Feel free to throw $50 at me when you get super wealthy. :slight_smile:

Seriously, feel free.