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Very low conversion rate after adding packages?

I just recently added packages to my best selling gig. I have had only two sales in a week which is unusual. Plus my conversion rate has gone way down. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Did your gig change it’s position in the search rankings when you did this? I took a look for your gig and didn’t see it.
If you can somehow sell the gig in the packages, that’s the challenge. Some are doing well with them and it is obvious when I look at the phrases they use in the packages what is being offered and why it’s desirable.
Everything depends on what is said in those packages. I suggest you try to sell your gigs in the packages by changing the words and making people want what you are offering.
It can be tricky but that’s where people look and make a decision to buy so make what you say count in the packages.

Thank you for your help misscrystal!

So on my gig:

Maybe instead of saying “intro package”, I should say something like “5 profitable titles” to give a better idea of what the buyer is receiving.

Thank you for your opinion!

For your ebay gig I do not see packages as the way to go. There is no benefit to it.
There is no description where you can sell them on it. I would rather see the usual $5 gig with extras they can add on. Nothing about those packages has any type of language that would tell a buyer why they should buy it. For what you are selling you really need to tell the benefits such as “get sales fast” “get seen by 10 times more buyers” etc.