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Very Low Impressions!

I have Joined Fiver few months ago. I made gigs and didn’t get any order.

I then start Responding to Buyer Requests, That was a nice Experience I go some Customers but Thing that I am worried about is that I didn’t even got any message from the gig.

I have got 100% Ratings and 1Hr response time. But My Gig is not being Ranked I shared my Gig over Social Sites But still no improvement and Impressions are like 300 in Last 30 Days !

I have 98 Reviews with 100% Rating and Level 2 Seller !

Can any body tell me where I am lagging?? Because I have seen gigs with 9 to 12 Orders on Second Page !

My Fiverr Gig:

Any Person to Guide me??

Note: Screen Shot of my Stats is Attached !

Don’t worry about impressions. Focus on marketing, promoting, and advertising your gig elsewhere on the internet. Impressions here on Fiverr come and go on a daily basis. Focus on the things you CAN control about your gigs – namely the promotion and presentation.

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Well i agreed with jonbaas, but acutelly everything deppens where your gig will be placed in search resoults…

I’m not having much luck on this site either, but I heard if you keep trying you’ll eventually get orders.

I am new in fiverr. I am also not getting impression.

I think you are focusing too much on your Fiverr badge and not enough on what you actually do. You do not have and real before after examples.

For example, you do background removal in Photoshop, great, show the before and after.

For your main Photoshop gig, show some really great before and after of a photoshop picture you did, not just a plain wall of text and your flashing your badge all around.

You do not seem to do that in most of your gigs. I think you need 3 really great photoshop photo images that you did for each of yoru gigs, then let all the orders you did be the rest of your portfolio.

And when did you actually become a level 2 seller by the way, what date?

Sir You Explained well I’ll surely Consider !
And I become Level 2 Seller on 26th June 2015.

Reply to @jonbaas: Sir I am Focusing on Getting More Orders !
But Fiverr is the only site I work on and Advertising is not Possible for me ! I know some Sellers my Mates too they Have good Impressions without any kind of Advertisement !
My Impressions are 300 in last 30 Days means Peoples are not seeing my Gig :frowning:

Reply to @skydesigner: My Gig is almost at more than 1000 down in Results ! But How will my gig rank up If I’ll not get Impressions? Till now I got Orders from Buyer Requests but Ranking is thing I am worried about !

Reply to @mothwings: I am also not having Orders from Gigs !
Try Buyer Requests that will help you !

Reply to @hamdani4466:
As with any service or product, success is in the marketing, and the presentation. If you don’t have time for either, you won’t find the kind of success you seek.

Your Fiverr gigs are a business. Treat them as such, and you will be well on your way toward gaining sales and client opportunities.

Reply to @hamdani4466:
Like I said, advertise elsewhere on the internet. If you take the time to bring other people to your gig, your impressions will rise, and you may end up with sales. Slowly, over time, your gig is also likely to rise in the on-site Fiverr search.

Don’t complain about the bad… get out there and turn the bad into good. Take your lemons and go make lemonade.

Reply to @jonbaas: Well Explained Sir ! I’ll try on Marketing !