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Very misleading and unfair. I'm disappointed


I’m disappointed! I ordered SEO and got it, but for other artists oriented profile Country … I can not believe that this is possible. Found a problem later and I’m disappointed that he would not have bought anything here.
They did not even question the language of the site


I am not sure I understand you correctly.
From what I understand, you bought SEO services from a seller here. If there was something you were unhappy with about the service then you should have said so before the order was marked as complete. With SEO services, it is vital that you understand a little about what you are ordering, what the seller is going to do and why.


It sounds like you got SEO service but for the wrong country! I’m so sorry this happened to you.


I expected the SEO specialist to at least make an effort to check the location of the website (as a country) and the language of the website, that they are advertising. In which country is located. All the orders i have places have use my personal GEO location instead of my website’s one. I left positive reviews then but now i have notices that mistake. The website offers to specify the category of the website, but not it’s country. I am experiencing losses as a consequence. I am extremely disappointed the services offered here


Unfortunately not everyone who calls themselves a specialist actually is one - there are over 3,500 sellers who offer SEO services on Fiverr! It is important to be clear about your requirements.

Most high quality (and so higher cost) SEO sellers would be more thorough and check details about the site and what is most suitable.
At the other end of the scale, there are many sellers who claim to be SEO specialists when all they do is use software to create spammy links all over spammy sites.
As I mentioned above, it is important that you find out what a seller is going to do BEFORE you order!


I am finding that artists do not understand the fundamentals of not using copyright art/photos, so I completely understand how this happens.

Fiverr does not have standards or quality practices here, its a lot of handholding. It’s good for personal use, but there are more reputable market places for anything that needs to stand professional.