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Very much disappointed and frustrated

i created a gig for promote YouTube videos organically… of course i start this gig because i seen many people including top rated seller and new sellers offering same service since i seen from last 3 years… if you people search ‘YouTube video promotion’ can see a lot of gig offering same service… but my gig offering same service… nothing different doesn’t appear in search results… after 30 days of review i got warning and my level got demoted from level 2 to level 1…they replied that its againt rule… dont allow third party service offering… they mean that dont allow youtube promotion here… it seems funny… here one section here for video marketing and fivert put YouTube thumbnail also alot of gigs offering same service and they getting orders from past years… still getting… after see that gigs i learnt this work and created gig for me… of course i thought it allows rules because grom last many years same gig active for other sellers… then how i feel doubt otherwise i contact support tram before creating this gig… when i contacted support team with screenshot they replied in very funny way… they need my help to flag that type of gigs… haha… how many gigs i flags? there are. alot alot… also why should i. make problem for them… at least they make career here… why my bad. luck getting for them also… let them live here… expecting replies from people who read this… of course i understand fiverr not support this type of. offers… but rules should equal to all na… here rules different for different persons… very disappointed with this… not expected this from a big platform like this… feeling funny for the response i got from team

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It happens, Try to be sophisticated.

You might have something wrong in description which goes against rules. Otherwise many offer same service and their gigs are up and running