Very Much Discouraged and Disappointed


I am new here in Fiverr. Ever since I had my first Order, I’ve been working really hard to please my clients to get a positive feedback and making it sure that I satisfied them with my service. It’s almost all of my delivery are over-delivered and top quality.

And then one day, a buyer from middle east inquired about one of my gig. We had a discussion about theme development for an ecommerce platform. I told the buyer that what he requires is a “web development/web design services” and not the gig he was inquiring about. And he replied again with a message “can you do this”, and I said YES, I can do that. And I even stated clearly that I will only do what my Gig says it does.

So to cut the story short, I did what my Gig tells to do for $5 and delivered it quickly. But upon delivery, the buyer said… “Where is the theme?” oh Lord… I thought he understood me… I think he did not even read my responses before he ordered the Gig. So this means he’s disappointed (but not my fault). And so I tried to compensate him to just reverse back whatever changes made to his website (great I made a backup) but he never responded at all. And after a few days, I think just before the Order will be automatically mark as “Completed” the buyer accepted the Delivery and gave me my FIRST negative feedback, which In my opinion don’t deserves that negative feedback. Because if it really what he wanted (the Gig), I did it quickly and at top-quality. So from then on, I got discouraged and saddened by it.

And to add to my discouragement and disappointment, Customer Support is not helping at all. I sent a help request to Resolution Center (using the Robot… blah blah) asking them, If they can help me clear out my issue regarding my buyer giving me a negative feedback, that I think I don’t deserve. But I got no response at all. Not even an email, just to inform me that my request for support has been received. Nor an automated (auto response) email to acknowledge me that they have received my request.

I really felt bad about this.


hey kjblynx,

know what? I’ve been seeing you around for quite some time now. It seems Im already getting a crush on ya. I see you answering almost all topics and subjects on this forum that makes me think you’re a Fiverr employee.

Anyhow, gotta try what you have just mentioned above…

by the way, if you were really on that prof pic of yours, Ive gotta crush on you


Ladies, I guess the buyer had setup his mind to leave me a negative feedback. Meanwhile, I just got logged in and Im enjoying now my 100% Positive Rating. This is sweet! Thank you Fiverr Support Team.

Thank you kjblnx and madmoo. o/ …