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Very new at this

Hi all. I recently joined Fiverr after discovering it by mere accident,I know, sounds like I’ve been under a rock all this time. how do I get buyers to use me? Am I doing something wrong with my gigs. Or am I just being impatient as I only joined 5 days ago? Anyone?


Hi @skanny
Welcome to Fiverr.
Use Academy to learn about environment.
You can improve your gig based on what your learn from here. visit top rated sellers profile and featured gig to sharpen your own :slight_smile:
And yes! you need a lot of patience. :smiley:


@n4y33m, thank you. Great hearing from a veteran :smile: I’ve been to the academy. Multiple times;and I’ve also been checking other people’s gigs almost to a stalker-like proportion,yikes! One thing I’ve noticed is that most gigs have accompanying videos. Does this attract buyers?

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We are told by fiverr that videos help with the way you are ranked. Nobody knows the true nature of the search rankings on fiverr, but I’m sure it helps. Buyer Requests are a great place to find people that are looking for sellers just like you.

Patience is most important thing here :wink:

Nobody knows the true nature of the search rankings on fiverr, but I’m sure it helps.

I suppose,then, it wouldn’t hurt to upload a video.Thank you.

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Yes, I’ll try meditation for patience.:slight_smile:

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I’m also new. I’m going to look at the fiverr academy. I have not yet…

@shei04 :relaxed::slight_smile: It has lots of useful info.

I find videos to be annoying unless it’s a video or voiceover gig.

Those videos take time to load, then it’s the same boring thing that thousands of other sellers have done. It’s not exactly an action flick that has me going “WOW! Let me see it again.”

I skip all gig with video and directly go to one’s without it. I can check out their gigs quicker and easier. I don’t have time to play videos on non video gigs.

That’s just me. There are sellers here that will testify that videos improved or tripled (may be more) their sales. There are others sellers who will tell you it did nothing for them or even decreased their sales.

Try it, see if it works for you.

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Well, that’s definitely something to think about.

It appears to me that your target audience are limited due to the type of gigs you offer (eg: Swahili).

“However, I am not limited to only these” - Instead of saying this, you better list out what all you are good at.