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Very new to Fiverr, anything I should know?


Hello! Quite nervous being here but-

Any advice on how I could possibly look for buyers, or improve my Gig previews/decriptions?


My advice…

Keep your primary gig simple and easy for Buyers to understand. Nobody buys something they don’t understand.


I’m commenting here thinking that these Tips will help you to improve your sales at least for an extent.

Create gig packages. Invite your friends and promote/share your gigs on social media. Try to always provide BEST customer service to your buyers. Never delay your orders.

Submit many buyer requests. So you could build up your sales. Therefore, try to submit buyer requests.

Also you can improve your Gig images, descriptions. If it’s possible, add a video which will attract more attention towards your gig.

Try these points & be patient. There are many sellers on fiverr that didn’t receive orders at the beginning but later they become best sellers.
Fiverr is great place to work! Wish you all the best!