Very odd email from fiverr


I just got a email from fiverr saying this. "Hi shawnecannon,

We are sorry, but your gig ‘deliver this order in just’ did not pass our moderators’ review. The reasons are:

We can’t see how your gig will be of any value to our buyers. Jokes, pranks and other silly tricks are not permitted


The Fiverr Editorial Team"

I don’t even know what this means as i never had a gig called “Deliver this order in just” :s


I would contact Customer Support and forward them the email. I had a weird email earlier this week and they sorted it out from their end. It didn’t have anything to do with my account but was a fiverr glitch…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: ya I found that part very strange


Yup, maybe another Fiverr hiccup :slight_smile:


Love to know what was up. It’s not April 1…


It was due to me requesting a express gig to be removed


Woah that’s very strange…


So you asked for it to be removed? That would make sense… kinda. NOt sure if the message really made sense. But glad you got it cleared up it appears.


Reply to @lparziale: Yes i did. But yea the email was very odd lol


Reply to @shawnecannon: You mean that you had " Extra fast : I will deliver this in one day" Gig extra in your Express gig? :smiley:

Anyway it is ok if you have other gig extras which needs few more days


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Right? hahahaha. I get messages asking me to do pranks! Certainly not something you can make money off of on fiverr…


Reply to @lolacey: You could have some very creative pranks and make money off it on fiverr


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:Words from a pro right their :stuck_out_tongue: