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Very odd thing happened with a custom offer

So I have this regular customer who I send a custom offer every few days, as I just did a half hour ago. I got the notification that he had accepted my offer, and clicked through to the order details.

First I notice the order duration did not match what I had sent him. Then, I noticed the description on the offer was that of an order he placed about 2 weeks ago. I went to my messages and it does not say that he accepted my most recent offer. I scrolled up until I found the order from 2 weeks ago and sure enough, what has happened is that this old order has become active again!

Why would this happen? What will happen to the revenue and review from this order, being that this order number is already in the system? I’m very confused right now haha…

Okay, I just found the old order in my completed orders, and the order number is actually different.

I guess that is a positive, but I’m still perplexed as to why the duration and description from this old order were used, and why clicking that old offer in my messages brings me to the active one. I haven’t heard from the customer yet since informing him about this.

sounds to me that your client was expecting the new order (which you sent), but instead of accepting the new order, he accepted the old one. If it is a regular client and you sending the client offers every now and then, he might just got confused with the order he accepted.

The only way to avoid such issues is to withdraw offers that are old, making sure clients won’t use them at a later time by accident.

Ah, I did not realise that a client could accept an offer again once they had already ordered it. Thanks for the info!

Clients can not re-accept a complete order again.

I was under the impression you sent the client an offer 2 weeks ago that was just left there without been accepted and I thought he accepted that offer instead of your new one.

Yes he did accept the offer and it was completed. Definitely a bug then! Have messaged the support team about it, so we’ll see what they think.