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Very pleased! I have recieved great feedback for this gig so far and have had great customers!


I am very happy. So far, I’ve received really good feedback for my “3 slideshow videos for only $5” Gig! Also, my customers have been amazing! :slight_smile: And I have finally got a work sample on display!

This is my Gig:

I will create 3 Slideshow VIDEOS with Your Text, Photos, and Audio for $5!

★ Promote you Fiverr Gigs! ★ Promote Your Website! ★ Promote Anything You Want! ★ You Get 3 Slideshow Videos with Your Text, Photos, and Audio for Only $5! ★★★GREAT VALUE!★★★ Up to 10 slides per video -OR- get 1 video with up to 30 slides! ★ WHAT A DEAL! ★★★ORDER NOW!★★★

Check out my gig here: and let me know what you think!


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Reply to @madmoo: Ugh… didn’t even notice that.

I have been needing to make changes to the gig anyway… I just have been on the fence about doing it because every time I change the slightest thing on that gig, it goes into pending review and off the Fiverr search for at least a day. :frowning: I don’t get a huge amount of orders on any of my gigs as it is, I don’t want to miss out on any orders.