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Very Poor Experience, I felt cheated Now!


I am writing this because I felt like cheated now. I joined this site in hope to get some work. The first order, The buyer was extremely rude and never provided required details. He just wanted the work done. Never response on time neither share information. So I cancelled the order. Yesterday i received a message at around 21:29 May 11, 2015 IST. and the buyer asked me if i can do the required task in given time. I responded but never get any response from her. Still i finished the work in given time period. Still the same issue, People never respond over here. Then why they waste someone’s time. Now please let me know what should in this scenario.


Reply to @sincere18:

Completely agree with you. I have paid for 4 gigs on here. The first one I ordered before I chatted with the person and it has gone to the crapper. 10+ days for a basic logo that now he will not even respond to my messages. Have had to open a dispute and lost all that time plus the effort of trying to work things out with this seller.

The other 3 are all doing much more complex tasks and are absolutely blowing my mind. Through chatting before the project we get a complete feel for whether we are the right fit for each other.


Reply to @katja1700: but this is actually just like running any other service business yourself as well. Part of being a service provider, no matter what kind of service you provide, but part of hte job is giving quotes. That is normal busienss procedure. When you are in business for yourself, you are also in the business of sales. And there is a saying that a good salesperson keeps persisting even when they get 9 no’s out of 10 beccause that one is the good one.

Think about it, if you need to remodel your house, do you just call one person say hi, can you do this, then they start and halfway trhough give you the bill? No, you ask a few contractors to come and give you quotes. Same is true of someone building a website, they usually will find a few people they are interested and get quotes from each person.

Fiverr is no different in that way. And yes, maybe here in the US we do “chit-chat” a little more as it’s considered professional to be polite at all times. HOwever, part of what you may think is small talk and unecessary, here on Fiverr, will tell you a lot about a seller or buyer. So it’s a good thing to trade an email or two, and see how they write, what their level of communication is, etc., etc…


I like her name.

Don’t feel too bad though, OP. This is just one customer. You have to develop a thick skin to work on Fiverr. You’ll meet some customers who seem very rushed and rude, but you’ll meet others who are wonderful.

Soon, once you have enough of a reputation on this site, you’ll be able to start turning these sorts of jobs down.

A word of advice though: you should never work until someone’s bought the gig. People in conversations can be very flaky. What’s said in them rarely actually turns into $$$.


Never, never, never do any work before your gig has been ordered. Never. Did I say never?


Thanks for the advice, I did this because the buyer needed the content in 12 hrs. I wanted to be on safer side. My first order didn’t worked out due delayed communication and lack of any proper instructions. All I wanted to prove myself. But…what should I say. I think i am an unlucky person.


It happens


Reply to @amazingamaan007: That 12 hours starts when they order your gig, not before. And be sure to charge extra for a rush. Don’t let people push you around. Your time is valuable.


I agree, did you do any of this work before the gig was actually ordered? If you did then that was a mistake. It’s ok, you learned it, now just remember that for the future. Do not worry about timing. A buyer should see your average days it takes to complete and order and that is part of their decision to buy from you.

Also, I think to get more orders you need better samples for your facebook page gig. Why don’t you have a few pages with screen shots of facebook banners that you have designed for people. (just be sure you have their permission to use it). None of the pictures in that one picture have anything to do with facebook, so it doesn’t make sense.

Research some top sellers doing facebook banners/timelines and see what they are doing…look at the sample photos and even more samples in some of the videos…you should at least have one sample that shows an actual facebook page design - that will help you get orders.


Doing business with strangers over the internet can be tricky. Especially due to messaging being the only form of communication. I can understand starting an order if the buyer needs it asap, but never is okay to proceed to send the buyer the work you did in hopes of them you paying you in return. I can tell from your correspondence with the buyer that she did not reply to any of your messages, so therefore there was no guarantee she would even place an order from you. Never be that desperate for a sale! REMEMBER THAT THE INBOX IS NOT A WAY TO PROCESS ORDERS. ONLY COMPLETE ORDERS THAT SHOW UP IN YOUR TODO!


Hmm doesn’t seem rude to me, gets to the point and provides info needed (cultural perhaps, I myself might appear “rude” as it is the Finnish way, get to the point, forget chitchat - here it’s rude to waste time with small talk :P).

Unless you refer to the amount of work vs. rush and just for $5… Now that’s rude! To drop every other order in line for strangers fiver, not likely…

and yes, I think it’s important for customers as well to stay alert for messages to give info if you have rush to get things done.

BUT as said, it seems they might have sent this out to multiple persons, and I suppose they already got someone else to do it, so they didn’t bother answering other mails. And that’s fine, they don’t really have to. I’ve learnt to accept that, people will ask for offers and inquire, and then may disappear and it’s not my business to follow up asking why…just hope next time they remember me and maybe choose me…

SO ALWAYS GET THE GIG PAID before starting work! Most cases, you are not the only one they have contacted, many people are fishing for the best gig, and especially in rush that’s the best thing to do as a customer… Also, the phrase advise if you can most likely means that they have not agreed with you, but need to know first if you can do it. Maybe a bit poorly worded, but that’s how I read it.