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Very Poor Me..Not Order Coming...! But Im Best Promoted My Gigs


Very Poor Me…Not Order Coming…! But Im Best Promoted My Gigs… im add new gigs…sume gigs are first fiverr but any one not listed catagry…im send support tricks but fivrr not help me… why fiverr not help poor man?

check my gigs


Any One Know How to Get Order?

My Email - [fragglesrock]

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your doing it wrong my man… The cops here are fierce


To be honest with you, taking a look at your gigs I can see many spelling and grammatical errors along with odd sentence structure. If I were you, I would spell check everything before you post the gig! I would also be patient, you’ve been here barely over a week :slight_smile:


It’s is market place dear


First of all, stop self-pitying. It’s useless. By saying ‘poor me’, what are you exactly trying to imply? Anyways, your gigs look fine apart from the grammar and spelling mistakes. Those can be corrected easily. And the most important thing is patience. Good luck! :)>-


Add more samples rather than stock images, re-write the gigs with proper spellings and grammar. And be patient :slight_smile:

Cheers :smiley:


best way to have more orders is social marketing,video marketing …etc ,

2) make gigs looking at rated sellers which you can find near to Auto . but don`t copy completely just get ideas form those .

best wishes . tell your friend to buy your gig and place a good comment :smiley: he he .