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Very poor service from Fiverr and gig seller


Strangely, I just received an email from Fiverr to give some feedback about my experience. This was the first time I’d used a Fiverr gig and it was a complete disaster. The gig was not delivered properly - I paid USD 5 for it to be done in three days (it is now day 4 and I still have received no response from the seller) and only part of it was completed. I asked for a rap and video. I only received a “terrible” rap and no video. Not sure if I can mention the ID of the seller, but I would advise everyone to beware this guy. A complete joke if it wasn’t so unprofessional. Despite trying to find a way to contact Fiverr, I have had no response - it’s like they just don’t care.

I’m sure there are good gigs on here, but my experience is that it is just a waste a time and not worth the money (even though it is cheap). You get less than what you pay for here.




As I said in your other post.

"It’s not Fiverr. It’s an individual. As Buyers and Sellers we each have a choice as to who we buy from and sell too. We also have a responsibility to ourselves to perform due diligence when choosing a Buyer or Seller."

Did you request a modification?

Did you request a cancellation?

Fiverr expects Buyers and Sellers to work things out and will tell you as much.


Yes, I requested a modification - no response

I then requested a deletion - no response.

How am I supposed to resolve an issue if I can’t get a response? At this point, Fiverr should step in, but they don’t.

They even recommended the seller as being particularly good

I take your point that the main problem here is the seller did not provide the services he said he would, but Fiverr has done nothing to reprimand the seller or rectify the situation. You’re just left in limbo until the seller decides that he/she would like to get back to you.

There is no recourse, which is the problem. First and last time I use this service!


I don’t know what requesting a “deletion” is. I’ve never seen or heard of that . If you’ re unhappy with your purchase you can request a “cancellation” and get it. That’s how Fiverr “steps in”.

Fiverr is an on-line place for people to willingly and voluntarily engage in the Buying and Selling of services. Unless you’ve been scammed and can prove it, or a Seller is breaking law, there is no reason for Fiverr to “step in” in any other capacity.

It seems all you got was poor service. So request a cancellation from the resolution center. If you don’t ever want to use Fiverr again, that’s your decision.


Yes, I mean “cancellation”. Sorry if I’m not up with all the lingo - this is the first time I’ve used this godforsaken service.

"It seems all you got was poor service"

Yeah, nothing to go too worked up about, I suppose!

Fiverr should not be promoting people who have such shoddy customer service to unsuspecting first-time customers like myself. Who are you anyway? Do you work for Fiverr or are they paying you?


"If you don’t ever want to use Fiverr again, that’s your decision"

Well, how gracious of you! Thank you for illuminating me as to the choice I have. I’ll be sure to tell anyone who asks exactly what I think of my experience so far.


Thank you, Madmoo - that was the response I was looking for. I appreciate your understanding.


Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot get in touch with Customer Services directly - just an annoying robot who mocks me for having the temerity to wonder what is going on with my order. All it does is suggest a video for me to watch while i wait! If there is an email address, please let me know.


Thank you so much!

loveniaslovenia said: "If you don't ever want to use Fiverr again, that's your decision"

I was only supporting your choice.

Please let me apologize to you. Unfortunately my written words did not come thru with the intentions behind them I hope you get your money back.


No problem, thank you for your help.