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Very Poor Youtube Viewership service from a particular fiverr

Good day folks.

I want to draw your attention to a particular fiverr who runs an ad to supply mass viewership for your youtube channel or video. I ordered this service a couple days and within the a day or two i got over 1000 views. I gave the fiverr 5 stars thinking that the views would remain and steadily go up. However, upon the next day lo and behold my views disappeared. I complained to the particular fiverr,he said he would resolve the problem. To this day it has not. I have asked for a refund. No reply. Is it possible to name the fiverr or is it against policy. I do not want people to fall victim to this fiverr and i Have proof this occurred.

Where do I go to complain about this fiverr? Suggestions?

I believe that any service that sells lots of youtube views/subscribers is a scam. Those are not from real people, but from a software robot. You were lucky if you just didn’t get enough views, because many people that buys subscribers get their channel deleted by Google.
If you want to make a complaint, you need to contact Customer Support.

Thank you very much belengarcia for the info.

and it is against the rules to post a users name so do not do that. You can write to Customer Support to let them know about it. I think you can also change your rating.

ALso, no one can ever gaurantee you a set number of views or visitors to a site. And unless it’s just some spam bot program, do you really think that some seller here posted lots of ads for you to drive traffic to your site? And do you think any of those viewers actually watched the video? What does your stats inside Youtube say? It lists the average time spent viewing the videos, so you can see that part too. You aren’t just looking at the views listed on the video are you?