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Very quick question about "limit orders in queue"

It takes some time for me to get the resources to fulfil an order, so I want to put a ‘limit orders in queue’ on my gigs. However, I did this a few times but it didn’t stop people from going over the limit order. Let’s say I want 1 order at a time max, do I have to put it on a limit of 1 max order in queue or a limit of 0? I’m not sure what they mean with ‘max order in queue’, do they mean that I can have 1 active order and 1 order in queue, or is it just 1 active order in total. I hope I made my question clear, thank you in advance!

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Even if you limit orders in queue, if you keep the link active (there’s an option for that where you place limits in queue), people with the link can still order.

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I also want to know what “max order in queue” means exactly.