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VERY RELIABLE Badge, is this new?

I was searching for my gigs using target keywords. Suddenly I noticed that one gig is having a badge naming “VERY RELIABLE”. Is this new feature of Fiverr or I was just ignorant of it? Tried to find threads on the forum, but I couldn’t get one. The objective of posting this thread is to know the prerequisites of this badge. What fulfillment brings this badge in? Someone on the forum who has this badge?

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I think it’s new badge :slight_smile:


No, that’s not new Badge. They are just testing and marking sellers. Who’s doing High fulfillment service at fiverr.

have you found any gig attaching this badge?

There are so many gigs that have 5-star ratings. This gig I have attached is being promoted by Fiverr has 4.8 rating.

First, not everyone see this. For example, I found the same gig and I don’t see it.
Secondly, I doubt there’s any manual filtering involved because you can report that gig for a number of things.


Could you find any other gig apart from this seller?

I think, That’s not about rating. They are giving manually, Who have deliver outstanding and High Cost selling. I assume…Maybe wrong. Even no one can tell, What is that exactly :smile: It’s on testing phase.

Nope, I don’t see this badge on any of the sellers.

Maybe it’s something to do with “on time delivery” (eg. 100% of orders on time, or maybe 100% well within the specified time) and other stats (eg. rating, response rate, private feedback etc.). If it’s not manual, there must be something different about these than what most other sellers have as stats/feedback (public and private feedback) though (that don’t have this badge).

Then it is nothing but manual filtering

I think we could have a notice or thread on the forum like others (Most probably it is on the test run). Sellers could pursue to get this badge. This badge will make difference I guess.

I found the gig as well but can´t see that badge either. On the page that gig is on, I do, however, see 4x “Rising Talent” badge, all 4 gigs in the 3rd row have it (no sales on any of them), only when I switch from my default “Best Selling” to “Recommended”, though.

I have found some more gigs in a row showing the badge. I think those sellers could explain what happened to them.

The sellers probably don’t even know it’s there! :sunny:

My guess is they’re doing some sort of random beta test again, and you’re one of the few users who’ve been picked to be able to see it.

You didn’t get a questionnaire by email recently and respond to it did you? (Just thinking out loud BTW!)


I didn’t get yet (I rarely check my email though). Was it about/related to this kind of promotion badge?

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No - it’s just I had an email yesterday to fill in a questionnaire about Fiverr ,looking at it from a buyer’s point of view - I just wondered if the two might be related.

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What eactly mean by it?

I am also looking for the answer

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