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Very rude and aggressive response from a seller after informing him I have found another seller!


We wanted some work doing and decided to message a few sellers to compare prices, he quoted a ridiculously high price and we consequently found another seller with a higher rating who would do it for a reasonable price. We thought it was only polite I informed all unsuccessful sellers that we will not be working with them (which is good business)

The response we got was disrespectful and damn right rude and we want to take action against him for using such foul language directed at us. Sellers like him give all the good, honest sellers a bad reputation and it’s something Fiverr needs to work on.

His response to our polite message was…

Seller name -

Yes I will miss A Big F@**#r

No need to Change my life.

You are a Beggar.

Is it normal for a buyer to put up with this sort of awful abuse for deciding to work with another seller? We want him off Fiverr or Fiverr will lose our business, we have spent a fair amount of money on Fiverr too.

Sheriff’s note: forum Do’s & Dont’s states it’s not allowed to call out other members.
If you want to report this seller for his behaviour, please write a ticket to Customer Support: they can check and take needed actions.



Thanks for the prompt response.

I was just making a general enquiry and upon receiving better prices from higher rated sellers, I decided it would be polite to message all unsuccessful buyers, most were polite too, I will just assume he has had a very bad day and he was just venting his frustration through aggression.

I reported the actual message, what happens next?


Reply to @xmomentus: now all you can do is wait for Customer Support to manage your ticket and tell you they are going to investigate about what has happened.

Consider that, for privacy reasons, CS won’t disclose actions taken with other users… so probably you are not going to receive any update about this…


Reply to @mark74: Okay great, thank you very much Mark74 for providing this information. Take care.


Wow, that is a very rude response. You can contact CS to report his behavior since it violates the TOS. Not sure if they would ban him or just give him a warning, either way that’s unacceptable behavior. Sorry you had to deal with such a person.


Reply to @accessgirl: Hi accessgirl, I can only think he may have took my polite message as an insult, it was just a courteous move as not to leave him waiting for a response. I hope he gets dealt with accordingly.


Reply to @xmomentus: Not to defend the seller in any way, as his response was absurd; however, sometimes, it’s difficult to portray emotion in written (and formal) text without coming across as abrupt.

Regardless, decent common courtesy and respect should prevail, and the seller shouldn’t have spoke to you like he did.


I don’t think there are any excuses for the rudeness that was directed towards me. I was being polite and went out of my way to ensure he wasn’t waiting for a response.

no defence is feasible in this case for the seller, he shown a blatant lack of respect.


I’ve had basically the same experience trying to buy.

I just walked away. No point wasting any more time.

I’ve also had the experience of being a seller whose time was wasted and honestly felt like giving that kind of response. I didn’t though, of course, bad business plain and simple, and who knows who might come back.


Reply to @inkpetal: It’s a shame really because it only takes a new Fiverr buyer to meet one of these sellers and they may never come back.

I’ve just started my first two gigs on Fiverr, I might add another called “I will teach you a lesson in customer service” what do you think?


Reply to @xmomentus @madmoo: :)) So true.


Reply to @madmoo: My daily exercise in self control is not to copy + paste definitions of the their’s and the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ into 1/4 threads.



Reply to @madmoo: your a bad girl Moo :wink:


Reply to @madmoo: flail Kill it with fire!