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Very rude even after I agree to pay $10 extra for gig?

I was talking to this guy and we agree on a price and I said as soon as I have the funds I will go ahead… The price of the gig was $60 and all I have at the moment is $50… the gig was advertised cheaper… thats why I approached him…

So I said as soon as I have that extra $10 in my paypal I will get back to him to go ahead with the gig…

he says…

“Don’t get back to me I don’t like that you negotiate”

I negotiated myself into paying $10 for the gig?

This guy has several complaints of being rude, NO NEED for that on fiver, never mind that I had agreed to the price of the gig plus $10 ?

Beware of ********** he does not seem to be happy at his work!

You can vent all you want but calling out a user by name is not allowed, please modify your title and description.

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Also how would you know that?

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Eh, read his negative reviews…

They mention being rude also?

Nasty taste in my mouth, cancelling my plans for a gig for now : (

I did not participate in your private negotiations so i can’t really side with anyone, nor am I defending anyone, but from the looks of things a seller refused to work with you and now you came here to call them out and throw some shade.

I understand your frustration but seems like you are going out of your way to hurt someone.

Please edit your post to remove the seller’s name, like I said it’s against forum rules. The mods will delete this thread soon otherwise.

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Flagged this [OP’s] post as inappropriate. You can’t attack people like that.

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What part of his reply didn’t you understand?

My complaint was his attitude after asking for a certain price I agree to pay an extra $10… then he says do not contact me again : )


This was a $60 order gig that is now cancelled : )

So glad I did not get this Guy to do it now : )

Please message me for details

So long time fiver user will not be spending $60 on a gig and you guys are supporting him : )

When you negotiate with someone and they agree to spend the $10 its VERY UNUSUAL to then say… “Do not contact me”

THAT’S all I am pointing out here : )


I just got the SAME gig from another nice person for just $5

if anyone is rude to you on fiver report them them move on… there are MANY nice creators here : )

Happy Ending … but not for the Rude person he just talked himself out of $60 and SAVED me $55


I just SAVED $55


What was the project that you hire the seller ? $5 and $60 is a huge difference.

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Be careful, the quality of work you will receive may be reflected by the price. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ( I just had to try out the “blur spoiler” option to see what that was all about.


That was in my mind too. Maybe he will tell us how is going and what was his order so we can have more information. I am very curious to know.

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Was just a simple animated logo…

I just don’t get hos this guy went from being pleasant and me agreeing to add $10 to the advertised $50 price of the gig? To him saying out the blue “Do not contact me again” That’s not normal guys!

I blocked him, reported him and saved $55


My issue was I went right for the top rated Animated logo maker… mistake. But so glad I have saved $55 that he could have had : )

I am happy with the $5 animated logo I have ordered : )

Hey I just saved $55 that’s 4486.07 Bangladeshi Taka

If one buyer will say to me to low prices I will say to find someone else. Even if they (then) want to purchase my full price again I would not like to work with him. If someone will not appreciate my work and creativity and try to find just cheap service, I am afraid to work with this kind of buyer.
Regarding to logo, I really hope you will have quality and original because $5 is very less money for logo design.
It’s up to you by the way…