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Very sad :( :( No Orders


i am level 1 seller but now i dont have orders i am sooooooo sad!


Me toooo…


Me too… But i am promoting my gig’s now on :slight_smile:


Don’t worry friends… One month before i had the same situation like you but now i am receiving some orders.

Be Patience.


I don’t have any orders too. :frowning:


Me neither OP, however as long as you keep marketing and keep trying to think of other ways to market and stand out above the competition then i am sure the orders will start following! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Mate rather than sitting and waiting for orders it’s better if you start promoting your gig . The work is quite easy. Use help of social media and blog/website and as the traffic will increase on your gig you will be getting jobs in no time.


Keep marketing. Don’t just rely on Fiverr’s internal traffic. There are so many other places you can promote: FB fan page, Twitter, non-spammy forum signatures, guest blog posts, etc.


“Never put all your eggs in one basket”.Keep Marketing on other related forums.


I go through the same thing. I will finish a couple of project, then won’t have anything for a few days, and then I’ll get 4 orders in one day! Very random. Like everyone else here says, when things are slow that is when you get BUSY Promoting!


I agree. Rating matters. You have to bend over backwards to get no negatives. Even 1 or 2 can spook potential buyers.

Over deliver your gigs and rock the Customer service.


It’s january, everyone’s skint from xmas and new year, work will pick back up slowly next month, getting more and more until xmas next year


I am also getting less orders :frowning:



Your rating seems to be 90%. I think that may be the reason. Anyway best wishes and don’t loose hope :-bd


I use that time to think about and create new and better gigs. (And maybe delete the duds.)


Make sure you are marketing your gigs when you don’t have any orders to work on and also check out my post about Google alerts


no orders yet :frowning:


promote: FB fan page, Twitter done but not yet :frowning:


All reasons why you dont have orders are here:


Be patience! Optimize your gig keywords, make sure your gig appears not further than few scroll pages. If there are too many similar gigs it is very hard to get some orders.