Very Sad, Not getting orders after level 2 to new seller :(


What to do now? Please help in getting orders. Please be specific. Please visit my profile and give me good advice or tips which will help me or other community members. Thank you so much for being here. :frowning:

Its been a two months
Not getting an order after demotion

Perhaps you could drop your prices a bit to get you going again, or offer a different gig at a lower price?

Its been a two months

I know my prices are higher than other, I just did because I gave the high quality work than others. Seems like no one there to want a quality work at a good price.


Not reducing the quality is fair enough - how about the quantity you’re offering?

Yes they do.

But you asked:


There is another reason as well like some people ordered you by mistake and said oh we ordered by mistake please cancel this order. These types of people want to destroy your profile. Please suggest me what to do right now.


Or they’re making genuine mistakes and simply want a refund. :wink:

We’ve just got to live with it, unfortunately.


Yes, I want to increase my quantity with the quality work. There are other people as well who is charged according to his own choice and customer are happy with that. Right now the only problem I am facing is no level and no sale. That makes me very sad.


One thing more, Fiverr must have to support the seller in such type of cases.


You can “but they get to so why can’t I?” all day, but it wont help.

It’s hard for us. I mean, you ask us for help and to review your gig. Then you get mad at our advice after we review your gig. Maybe you can help me right now?


Your recent delivery was just (4) days ago. Also, did you recently get demoted?

No need to be sad that’s what I call ebb & flow!


Ok. I agreed my prices are high. I will reduce for some time. Can you please give me some more advices which will help me getting more sales as a new seller. I tried everything like I contacted with my old clients, marketing gigs on social media etc. I also put a video on my best selling gig but nothing happens. Now I have changed the video again and put a picture on it.


In your market research gig, you state that you’re a level 2 seller (and sadly, right now, you’re not); that might make buyers suspicious.

Also, according to your response to a 3 star review on that gig, you did 20 hours of work for $5, and yet, the lowest price on that gig is $100 (for 1 hour of basic research). It can look like you got mostly positive reviews for $5 gigs, and then, two months ago (or less than 2 months ago), you drastically increased the price, and are trying to make it appear as if you got those reviews while charging $100, $295, or $495.

Charging less might bring you more orders.


Thank you so much for your attention. Yes, Fiverr recently demoted me from level 1 to new seller. They are playing with my order completion rate and the rest of my rating is 100% :frowning:


Oh no, no. Sorry if I said something wrong. I am just upset so I am just sharing my feelings. Sorry again. And I am very thank full to all of you guys who helped to review my gig and give me advices. I will implement right away. Thank you again for your help.


Yes, May be. I will do reduce my prices again. Thank you so much for your precious feedback.

Not getting an order after demotion