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Very slow upload speed or a Bug?


I’ve been trying to upload couple of files (each of around 50 MB in size) but it’s taking a very long time to upload. Upload blue bar reaches to its full but then at the end… it seems like it has stuck there…forever.

What’s the issue?

Is anyone else facing the same issue?

Please see the screenshot.

P.S.: This is very frustrating.


I’ve been trying to upload a 5MB file for the last 2 hours!! This is ridiculous!


Things have been allright since I posted this. 5 MB is too small file to upload. You can contact customer care regarding it. All the best.


This happens to me too! I’m trying to upload a 45MB file and it takes hours! earlier it uploaded faster but when the blu bar was almost full, it stoped and i had to reboot the upload. Now it takes forever!